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Who give you more REALLY ???

>> Updated Stathistics (polar) <<
Current phones supported: 1277 phones
Current brands supported: 52 brands

Hi to all,
This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers :

PolarSuite Update - Version 2.2.8


* Huawei U1315 World First !!!
* Amoi MD-1

- Direct Unlock


* Samsung S5230W
* Samsung S5233W

- Read Codes ( totally safe process and fastest )
- Read UserCode

* Samsung E1310B

- Direct Unlock

others features :

- Improved and solved some problems in some Samsung phones
- Fixed some de******ion in Samsung tab
- Fixed some internal bugs in PolarSuite

PandaSuite Update - Version 1.0.9


* Blackberry 8530

- Added support to this BB model (Read NCK)

Other features :

- Improved communication problems with Blackberrys using Panda
- Old versions of PandaBox disabled (u need last version for connect server)
- Any bug please report to[email protected]

Polar_SAT Update - Build 1.2.5

Added LIVE CHAT online !!!

v228 2

Now all Polar community can talk ONLINE in real time using our IRC Server, simply execute Polar_SAT and press LIVE CHAT button
All customers, product supporters and managers will be able to share all their experiences (or get support) in this place
We hope you enjoy this community and this new experience ...

You can enter inside channels desired, for sure you can stay in more than one smile
If you desire add any channel please contact us and we will proceed (for example country without channel ...)

Channels for testing available :

Official Channels (support)


By languages



etc ...

others features :

Rebuilded TOTALLY design of Polar_SAT application
Now all is more clear and easy to configure
This is beta testing version, any bug or error feel free for contact us for solve it

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ PB2 Team ]
[ Http://www.polarbox2.net/ ]

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