we have just released 34 GB of the latest flash files and customizations for following SonyEricsson S1 and A2 platform based phones :

S1 Locosto & Neptune :

  • F305, R300, R306, S302, S312, T250, T280, T303, W205, W302, W395, Z320

A2 (DB3200, DB3210, DB3150, DB3350):

  • C510, C702, C901, C902, C905, F100_Jalou

  • G705, J105_Naite, K858, T658, T700, T707, T715

  • U10_Aino, U100_Yari, V802SE, W518, W705, W715, W995

Use them with CruiserSuite A2 Flasher v1.13 and with CruiserSuite S1 Flasher & Unlocker v2.13.

You can find all in theDownload section of ourofficial website.

Enjoy wink

Cruiser Team

PS: Another useful package will be uploaded soon