Published 3/2024
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Making Airbnb Marketing Easier with DONE FOR YOU Canva Templates
What you'll learn
Learn how to market your Airbnb on Social Media with done for you Canva templates.
Learn how to post and what to post to get your Airbnb out there on social media
Learn how to just change pictures, fonts and information to suit your own Airbnb business
Learn how to use done for you Canva templates
No experience needed but you must have signed up for a FREE Canva account
You will need a PC or mobile device to make use of these Canva templates
How to market your AIRBNB with Canva Social Media Done For You Templates.So you are an Airbnb Host or would like to set up an Airbnb and you need to market your establishment out to the world. You need to be far better than your competition. Learn how to post professionally without thinking of designing, what to post or having any anxiety at all. Post in a few seconds.Then this course is for you.1. In the Introduction we start discussing what an Airbnb is and how it originated.2. Then we head off to how to market your Airbnb, focusing on Social Media Platforms.3. You are then provided with a checklist to make sure you have the right set up at your Airbnb.4. We discuss what makes your guest happy and iron out the things that could have a negative impact on your Airbnb,We when discuss what Social Media Marketing is all about and why it is so important to be posting on Social Media to increase revenue and sales.Done for you Templates are supplied for Facebook and Instagram and you are guided through these templates to improve your marketing skills. All you need to do is change the pictures, colors and fonts and add your own specific information pertaining to your Airbnb.Included in the course is a Social Media Planner - so that you can download it and work through it, whether it be daily, weekly or monthly, so as to plan what to post and when to post.Some additional planners have been added as a resource for you to print out and use in pdf form with printing instructionsThese include:Undated plannerDaily, Monthly and Weekly planner30 day success plan90 day success planHabit trackerChecklistTo do listIncluded in this course is a Beginner's Guide to Canva to help you on your way to becoming a master at Canva - all you need is a FREE CANVA account.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 How did the Airbnb concept come about - a little history.
Lecture 3 Social Media Cleanup
Lecture 4 Airbnb Email Checklist
Section 2: Facebook and Instagram Marketing Templates
Lecture 5 Accommodation Posts
Lecture 6 Announcement Posts
Lecture 7 Promotional Posts
Lecture 8 Facebook Banners
Lecture 9 Email Signatures
Lecture 10 Business Cards - Design and Print
Section 3: Social Media Content Planner
Lecture 11 Social Media Content Planning
Section 4: Guest Welcome Book
Lecture 12 Welcome Book Template
Section 5: Conclusion
Lecture 13 Printable Free Planners
Lecture 14 Beginner's Guide to using Canva
Lecture 15 Thank you
All Airbnb owners wanting to do their own social media marketing