Published 3/2024
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How to craft the perfect elevator pitch for prospects, customers, investors, recruiters and much more!
What you'll learn
The importance of elevator pitches
How elevator pitches have been used in the past
The key components of a perfect elevator pitch
How to write an effective elevator pitch
The confidence to deliver an elevator pitch
No previous experience is required
Whether you are new to pitching, or experienced, there will be something for everyone
Make sure you have a pen and paper to hand!
A willingness to learn!
There will be times in your life when you only have a couple of seconds to get your message across, and to encourage your audience to take action - this is where an effective elevator pitch can really help you!In this course, your instructor, Rob Spence, will share with you the importance of elevator pitches, how to use them, how to write an effective pitch, and how you can make the most out of your elevator pitch. Are you:A sales person, looking to pitch your product or services to individuals or groups?A start-up, or founder, looking to seek investment?A job-seeker, looking to wow a future employer?A business owner, looking to entice new business in a networking event?Trying to get your message across in 60 seconds or less?If you answered YES to any of these, then this course is for you!Presented, and written by international recognised sales coach, Rob Spence, this course will give you all the hints, the tips, the knowledge and advice you need to not only write a fantastic elevator pitch, but how you can get better results from it too! By the end of the course, you will be able to understand what a pitch is, the importance of one, and you will also have a fresh new elevator pitch drafted up, ready to present to your next prospect, customer or investor. What are you waiting for?Sign up to this course today, and discover the secrets of a good elevator pitch from someone that has written over 1000 elevator pitches in the past 5 years!Your instructor, Rob Spence, is an international renowned sales trainer, sales coach, and has authored three books on sales. He is the Managing Director of a multi-award winning sales and marketing agency that provides sales services to businesses across the globe. Rob's unique, dynamic, and engaging teaching style is guaranteed to not only help you to succeed in the world of sales, but is also delivered in a memorable and motivating fashion.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to the course
Lecture 2 What you will learn
Lecture 3 About your instructor
Section 2: Elevator Pitches
Lecture 4 What is an elevator pitch?
Lecture 5 The history of elevator pitches
Lecture 6 Why are elevator pitches important?
Section 3: Components of an Effective Elevator Pitch
Lecture 7 The Hook
Lecture 8 The Introduction
Lecture 9 The Value Proposition
Lecture 10 Proof Points
Lecture 11 Call to Action
Section 4: Crafting Your Elevator Pitch
Lecture 12 Know your audience
Lecture 13 Practice and refinement
Lecture 14 Rob's Top Tips
Section 5: Examples
Lecture 15 Example Elevator Pitches
Section 6: Test
Lecture 16 Test Introduction
Section 7: Next Steps
Lecture 17 Summary
Lecture 18 Action Plan
Lecture 19 Thank You
Lecture 20 A Thank you from Our Partners
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