Published 3/2024
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Detailed explanation of Strategic Planning, and ALL templates for implementation in a company from scratch
What you'll learn
In this course, students will learn from scratch to identify the basic components that are part of 'Strategic Planning' in a company
The steps necessary for the implementation of 'Strategic Planning' (explained in detail)
They will learn to use all the tools/templates provided in this course to facilitate the implementation of Business Strategic Planning
To create a methodological framework so that Objectives and Goals are aligned with the company's Strategy
This course has no prerequisites, ideally having some knowledge of management would be helpful, but most of the topics will be explained in detail
As for resources, only an internet-connected device and Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, and Power Point) are required
Discover the path to professional success! Have you ever wondered how to apply the theory you learned in college or school to your work? Do you feel like you get lost in day-to-day matters and can't efficiently manage toward clear goals and a promising future? If you relate to any of these situations this course is perfect for you!Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of "Business Strategic Planning" through our unique course. Designed to maximize your learning, we use animated videos based on visual schemes that will guide you clearly and entertaininglyDo you want to assess the current level of strategy implementation in your company? Don't worry! We provide you with a detailed tool in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, specifically designed for a comprehensive Diagnostic AssessmentIn our course, all concepts are presented simply and schematically through clear and concise diagrams. Each of these diagrams is accompanied by an explanatory video that will help you understand each step of the process.Furthermore, we provide you with all the necessary tools and templates, accompanied by explanatory videos on how to complete each field. These tools and templates come in editable formats, so you can adapt them to the specific requirements of different companies.Not only that, we also offer real practical cases as examples! This will facilitate your understanding and give you a clear view of how to apply what you've learned in real situationsIn summary, with our course, you will learn how to design, implement, and monitor a strategic planning process effectively. You will have access to ********ed information and indispensable templates to successfully carry out this task.Don't miss the opportunity to boost your career and make a difference in your company.It is very important to emphasize that this course is NOT new; its original version is in Spanish. As of the date (Enero 2024), it has over 1200 students, with 240 reviews, earning an excellent rating of 4.5 stars (out of a total of 5), and it is categorized as "best-selling," which provides a guarantee of the course's content quality.
Section 1: Course Introduction, Welcome, and Overview
Lecture 1 Course Presentation
Lecture 2 About the Instructor
Lecture 3 Installation of BIZAGI Tool
Lecture 4 Course Structure Explanation
Section 2: Key Concepts and ********ed Information
Lecture 5 Definition of the concepts of 'Strategy' and 'Business Plan
Lecture 6 Definition of the concept of 'Strategic Planning'
Lecture 7 Definition of the concept of 'Management Control
Lecture 8 Diagram of the relationship between definitions
Lecture 9 Master List for Controlling Controlled ********ed Information
Section 3: Diagnosis of Management in the Company and Business Plan Design
Lecture 10 Diagnosis of Management in the Company
Lecture 11 Diagnosis of Management in the Company (Excel Spreadsheet Explanation)
Lecture 12 Business Plan Design
Section 4: Strategic Review
Lecture 13 Strategic Review and Plan
Lecture 14 Stakeholders Analysis
Lecture 15 Mission and Vision
Lecture 16 Objectives and Goals
Lecture 17 Environmental Analysis (PEST Analysis)
Lecture 18 Analysis of the Firm (VRIO Analysis)
Lecture 19 Analysis of the Firm (Value Chain)
Lecture 20 Analysis of the Firm (Operations model 1 of 2)
Lecture 21 Analysis of the Firm (Operations model 2 of 2)
Lecture 22 Industry and Competitor Analysis (Industry Data)
Lecture 23 Industry and Competitor Analysis (industry life cycle)
Lecture 24 Industry and Competitor Analysis (Porter's five forces )
Lecture 25 Industry and Competitor Analysis (Competitive Positioning - CSF)
Lecture 26 Product and Portafolio Analysis (BCG Matrix)
Lecture 27 SWOT Analysis
Lecture 28 Generation of Strategic Options
Section 5: Marketing Plan
Lecture 29 Marketing Plan (Commercialization Plan)
Lecture 30 Market Analysis and Strategy (Marketing Mix)
Lecture 31 Market Analysis and Strategy (Business Model Canvas)
Lecture 32 Estimation of Potential Market Size
Section 6: Balanced Scorecard
Lecture 33 Background of the Balanced Scorecard
Lecture 34 The four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard
Lecture 35 Definition of Strategic Map
Lecture 36 Explanation of a Balanced Scorecard Template
Lecture 37 Action Plan Template
Section 7: Common Mistakes, Final Considerations, and Course Farewell
Lecture 38 Common Errors in the Design and Implementation of Strategic Planning
Lecture 39 Final Considerations for the Strategic Planning Course
Lecture 40 Course Farewell and Thank You
Managers and professionals working in Medium or Small-sized enterprises (SMEs) who wish to have a Strategic Planning in their organizations similar to what World-Class companies have, but much more simplified,Professionals who are involved in the design, implementation, or monitoring of Strategic Planning,Students about to graduate or recent graduates with limited work experience, as it will help them see the Strategic Planning Process in practice but in a very simplified way,This course might be less useful for individuals working in large multinational companies, as they should have these methodologies implemented alongside high-cost software