Published 3/2024
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Empower your future and break free from limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
What you'll learn
Overcome Self Doubt and Limiting Beliefs
Empower your future
Break down barriers and whats holding you back
Create new, empowering beliefs
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Self-doubt and limiting beliefs are insidious barriers that can significantly hinder our progress and enjoyment of life. These internal constraints often stem from past experiences, societal pressures, or ingrained thought patterns that convince us we are incapable of achieving our dreams or unworthy of happiness. They can become so embedded within our psyche that they dictate our decisions, actions, and perceptions of ourselves, leading us to settle for mediocrity and resist change even when it is beneficial.In this comprehensive course, we delve deep into the origins and impacts of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. We explore how these mental barriers are formed, how they manifest in our daily lives and the profound effects they can have on our emotional, mental, and even physical well-being. By understanding these mechanisms, participants can start to identify and challenge the negative self-narratives that have held them back.Guided by Tim Moore, a seasoned expert with extensive training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Hypnotherapy, this course offers a transformative journey. Tim's expertise provides a unique blend of psychological insights and practical techniques designed to dismantle the deep-seated beliefs that limit potential.Throughout the course, participants will engage in a series of enlightening lectures, interactive workshops, and personal reflection exercises aimed at fostering self-awareness and growth. They will learn to recognize the triggers and patterns of self-doubt, reframe their internal dialogues, and cultivate a mindset that supports their aspirations and values.By participating in this course, individuals will not only gain valuable tools to overcome their self-imposed limitations but also embark on a path of self-discovery and personal transformation. They will emerge more confident, resilient, and aligned with their true selves, ready to embrace life's opportunities and challenges with a new perspective. Embrace this opportunity to transform your life, shed the weight of limiting beliefs, and step into a future brimming with possibilities and fulfillment.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Your "I am" Statement
Lecture 3 Doubt Labels
Lecture 4 Assumptions
Lecture 5 Automatic Thoughts
Lecture 6 Your timeline
Lecture 7 Brain Heart Coherence
Lecture 8 Course Wrap Up
Those that want to improve their confidence and create a more fulfilling life