Published 3/2024
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In Management Consultancy and Program Management
What you'll learn
Delivery Excellence concepts (What, Why, and How); What are transformation deals in a consulting world; How to manage large transformation deals
Project and Program Management Lifecyle (quick view)
Project Economics
Efficient Service Delivery Approach and Methodology
Managing change request and scope creeps
Advanced client interactions and Difficult conversations
Managing Customer complaints and feedback
Innovation and Creativity
Culture of excellence
Managing quality for continual improvement
Willingness to learn, customer care mindset, doing good and doing better attitude. This course is equally good for beginners and experienced ones.
This course will help you to manage key risks in your Management Consultancy career like limited skill set, lack of mentorship and guidance, high stress and burnout, insufficient networking, experience etc. This is achieved through:a) Mastering The Core Management Consultancy Skills by topics like Managing large transformation deals, Project lifecycle and project economics, change management, delivering excellence to clients, and more.b) Learning from Real Multi-Million Dollar Business Problems - with 20 case studies based on real-life problems I solved during my career.c) Accessible And Impactful Course Design having mix of lectures, quizzes, assignments, downloadable artifacts, and an assessment.d) Highly Actionable with 30+ total exercises, templates, AI interventions, and games. e) I will share a personally signed e-copy of my book 'My Experiments with Organisational Resilience Part I' with all participants.f) I offer life-long support to answer any questions on this topic.g) The master bonus is a 30 minutes one-on-one coaching session for all participants. All bundled in the course fee.Read on to understand Why "Deliver Excellence?"​Delivering Excellence is not just a buzzword; it's a mindset that drives resilient organizations to thrive. By mastering the art of delivering excellence, you can:​Forge lasting relationships with customersBuild a reputation for qualityFoster innovationGain a competitive advantage in the marketplaceWhether you are a program manager, project manager, business analyst, internal or external consultant, customer experience or customer delight manager, business excellence or operational excellence manager, or senior executive, this course is designed to meet your professional aspirations and help you reach your full potential.​The Delivering Excellence Certification is for you if:​1. You are struggling with complex program and project management​2. You lack an efficient service delivery approach​3. You are managing change requests and scope creeps​4. You face communication challenges and difficult conversations5. You are building a culture of excellence6. You have a need for increased innovation and creativity
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Mega Transformation Deals-1
Lecture 2 Mega Transformation Deals
Section 3: Mega Transformation Deals-2
Lecture 3 Mega Transformation Deals-2
Section 4: Mega Transformation Deals-3
Lecture 4 Mega Transformation Deals-3
Section 5: Project Management Lifecycle
Lecture 5 Project Management Lifecycle
Section 6: Tasks in Project Management
Lecture 6 Tasks in Project Management
Section 7: Stakeholder Management
Lecture 7 StakeholderManagement
Section 8: Risk Management
Lecture 8 Risk Management - 1
Lecture 9 Risk Management -2
Lecture 10 Risk Management - 3
Section 9: Project/ Program Status Reporting
Lecture 11 Project/ Program Status Reporting
Section 10: Project Economics
Lecture 12 Project Econommics - Introduction
Lecture 13 Project Economics - 2
Lecture 14 Project Economics - 3
Lecture 15 Project Economics - 4
Lecture 16 Project Economics - 5
Lecture 17 Billing, Invoicing, and Realisation
Lecture 18 Incentives and Penalties
Lecture 19 Closing Lesson
Section 11: Efficient Service Delivery Approach & Methodology
Lecture 20 Efficient Service Delivery Approach & Methodology and Its Key Components
Section 12: Understanding the Customers
Lecture 21 Understanding the Customers - 1
Lecture 22 Understamding the Customers - 2
Section 13: Service Delivery Framework
Lecture 23 Service Delivery Framework
Section 14: Agile Service Delivery
Lecture 24 Agile Service Delivery
Section 15: Service Quality Management
Lecture 25 Service Quality Management
Section 16: Service Level Agreements
Lecture 26 SLAs
Section 17: Technology & Automation in Service Delivery
Lecture 27 Automation & Technology in Service Delivery, Benefits and Examples
Section 18: Innovation and Continual Improvement in Service Delivery
Lecture 28 Innovation and Continual Improvement in Service Delivery, enefits and Key Elemen
Section 19: Managing Change and Scope Creeps
Lecture 29 Why Changes and Scope Creeps happen in Projects What is a Change Management Proc
Section 20: Delivering Excellence
Lecture 30 Delivering Excellence
Section 21: Delivering Excellence and Design Thinking
Lecture 31 Delivering Excellence and Design Thinking 1
Lecture 32 Delivering Excellence and Design Thinking 2
Section 22: Innovation & Creativity
Lecture 33 Innovation & Creativity 1
Lecture 34 Innovation & Creativity 2
Section 23: Building a culture of excellence
Lecture 35 Building a culture of excellence 1
Lecture 36 Building a Culture of Excellence 2
Section 24: Effective Communication
Lecture 37 Effective Communication 1
Lecture 38 Effective Communication 2
Section 25: Managing Customer Complaints and Feedback
Lecture 39 Managing Customer Complaints and Feedback 1
Lecture 40 Managing Customer Complaints and Feedback 2
Section 26: Advanced Client Interactions
Lecture 41 Advanced Client Interactions 1
Lecture 42 Advanced Client Interactions 2
Lecture 43 Advanced Client Interactions 3
Section 27: SMART goals and targets
Lecture 44 SMART Goals
Section 28: The Last Lesson
Lecture 45 Last Lesson
Section 29: Assessment
Project and Program Managers,Business Analysts, Solution Architects, and Bid Managers,Senior Management,Sales/ Business Development Managers,Customer Relationship Managers, and Quality Managers,Commercial Managers, Vendor Managers, and Procurement Managers,Excellence Managers,Students, Faculty, and Researchers,Trainers, and Consultants