Published 3/2024
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Unlock the Door to Mandarin Proficiency with Step-by-Step, Easy to Follow Guidance for Beginners
What you'll learn
How to Introduce yourself and family in Mandarin Chinese
How to form simple sentences in Mandarin Chinese
How to Write simple Chinese characters
Get strong foundations in Mandarin Chinese
How to tell people where you are from in Mandarin Chinese
How to tell people what you want to eat and drink in Mandarin Chinese
Learn Mandarin Chinese sentence structure
Learn how to express your needs in Chinese
HSK 1 and Beyond
GCSE Chinese foundations
Basic Chinese conversations
No experience needed.
Welcome to the most intuitive method for mastering Chinese!Unlike traditional courses that bombard you with endless drills on consonants and vowels, my approach mirrors the natural language acquisition process. Emulating how infants learn, we will emphasize listening, repetition, and review. Gone are the days of convoluted grammar lessons!My course is designed for universal comprehension, accessible to all learners. Developed and refined over six years of teaching experience with British students, this curriculum not only prepares you for the HSK 1 exam but also lays a robust foundation for GCSE Chinese. Led by a seasoned educator, our program guarantees simplicity and effectiveness. Every vocabulary item aligns with the HSK 1 syllabus, ensuring comprehensive exam readiness. Plus, you'll surpass HSK 1 proficiency by the course's conclusion. By the conclusion of this course, you will have acquired a comprehensive understanding of Chinese language fundamentals, equipping you with the skills necessary to communicate confidently in Mandarin. You'll be adept at essential vocabulary and phrases, enabling you to engage in basic conversations with ease. Additionally, you'll have developed strong listening and pronunciation abilities through our immersive learning approach. Moreover, you'll exceed the proficiency expected for the HSK 1 exam, setting a solid foundation for further language advancement. With this course, you'll not only achieve exam success but also gain the confidence to navigate real-world Chinese communication scenarios effectively.Join us and unlock your linguistic potential effortlessly
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Greetings in Chinese
Lecture 2 Chinese Greetings
Section 3: What's your name?
Lecture 3 What's your name?
Section 4: Introduce Your Family
Lecture 4 Introduce Your Family
Section 5: Where are you from?
Lecture 5 Where Are You From?
Section 6: Where is Your Friend from?
Lecture 6 Where is your friend from?
Section 7: Numbers in Chinese
Lecture 7 Numbers in Chinese
Section 8: Ordering Food in Chinese
Lecture 8 Ordering Food in Chinese
Section 9: Taking a Taxi In Chinese
Lecture 9 Taking a Taxi In Chinese
Section 10: What is Your Profession?
Lecture 10 What is Your Profession?
Section 11: Likes and dislikes + Exam
Lecture 11 Likes and Dislikes + Exam
Section 12: Days of the week and welcome to level 2
Lecture 12 Days of the week
Section 13: Telling the time in Chinese
Lecture 13 Telling the Time
Section 14: The Past Tense
Lecture 14 The Past Tense
Section 15: Where are you at?
Lecture 15 At Different Places
Section 16: What Time Do You Go To Bed?
Lecture 16 What Time Do You Go To Bed?
Section 17: What are you plans today?
Lecture 17 What are your plans today?
Section 18: Times with hobbies
Lecture 18 Times with hobbies
Section 19: All About Time Phrases
Lecture 19 All About Time Phrases
Section 20: Feelings and emotions
Lecture 20 Feelings and emotions
Section 21: I Have Been So Busy Recently!
Lecture 21 I Have Been So Busy Recently
Section 22: The Weather
Lecture 22 Talking About The Weather
Section 23: The Weather Part 2
Lecture 23 The Weather Part 2
Section 24: Review and Test
Lecture 24 Review and Test
Section 25: Measure Words
Lecture 25 Measure Words
Section 26: Measure Words Part 2
Lecture 26 Measure Words Part 2
Section 27: All About Pets
Lecture 27 All About Pets
Section 28: Colours With Descriptions
Lecture 28 Colours With Descriptions
Section 29: Description of People With Recap
Lecture 29 Description of People With Recap
Section 30: Feeling sick!
Lecture 30 Feeling Sick!
Section 31: Recap of Feeling Sick and Grammatical Structures
Lecture 31 I am too sick to go to work!
Section 32: Transportation
Lecture 32 Transportation
Section 33: Prepositions
Lecture 33 Prepositions
Section 34: Final Exam
Lecture 34 Final Exam
This course is tailored for anyone eager to embark on a journey into the Chinese language, regardless of prior experience or linguistic background. Whether you're a complete beginner or seeking to reinforce your foundation, our program accommodates learners of all levels. Perfect for students in the UK aspiring to conquer the HSK 1 exam and establish a solid groundwork for GCSE Chinese, as well as anyone worldwide keen on mastering Mandarin in a straightforward and efficient manner.,HSK 1 learners,Chinese beginners