Published 3/2024
Created by Dr. Tina Udoji
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Parts of speech, verb tenses, prefixes, suffixes, punctuation, sentence structure, dictionary and thesaurus skills.
What you'll learn:
Nouns, Proper Nouns, common nouns
Pronouns, Grammatical Persons, Personal Pronouns
Verbs, Conjugating Verbs, Tenses
Speech Marks, Questions, Conjunctions, Prepositions
Commas in Lists, Exclamation Marks
Learners will need a basic understanding of the English language.
A Course notebook for writing notes and for answering practice questions.
A good knowledge of the Jolly Phonics as the foundation to literacy. The Jolly Phonics Course is available here on Udemy.
PDF resources will be provided so the students may want to print with a printer.
About this courseThis course teaches the structure part of the English language in an active, systematic, multi-sensory and child-friendly way. This includes parts of speech, spelling, punctuation and more.DescriptionThis course will teach the broader skills for learners to be able to communicate effectively:· Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling will be systematically and incrementally taught,· Phonic knowledge will be reinforced and extended,· Vocabulary will be expanded,· Comprehension improved,· Parts of speech and verb tenses introduced,· Morphemes such as prefixes and suffixes will be clearly taught,· Word meaning such as comparatives and superlatives clearly taught.The teaching is active and multi-sensory, with colours and actions for parts of speech.Course Goals· Reinforce and extend phonic knowledge.Teach spelling systematically.Expand vocabulary and improve comprehension.Introduce parts of speech and verb tenses.Introduce morphemes, such as prefixes and suffixes.Enable the children to analyse and parse text.Introduce syntax and sentence structure.Develop the children’s use of punctuation.Develop the children’s dictionary and thesaurus skills.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN· Nouns, Proper Nouns, Common Nouns· Pronouns, Grammatical Persons, Personal Pronouns· Verbs, Conjugating Verbs, Tenses· Adjectives, Adverbs, Possessive Adjectives· Homophones, Articles, Sentences, Compound Words· Improving Vocabulary and Using a Dictionary· Speech Marks, Questions, Conjunctions, Prepositions· Prefixes, Suffixes, Comparatives and superlatives· Commas in Lists, Exclamation Marks· PARSING: Identifying the parts of speech in sentences.· Short Vowels & Consonant Doubling.
Who this course is for:
This course is designed for teachers and all education professionals who teach literacy to children especially at the foundation stage.
This course is very crucial for parents of children in primary/elementary level.
The course is excellent for adults who are struggling with their literacy skills because of a lack of solid literacy foundation.
This course is very crucial for parents of children in primary/elementary level.
This course is recommended for anyone who is learning the English Language as a second language.