Published 3/2024
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NEW COURSE - a guide to help you navigate the research module of the CIPS Professional Diploma
What you'll learn
Level 6
Future Strategic Challenges of the Profession
L6 M4
L6M4L6M4 is unlike any other CIPS module you’ve sat. Rather than having a huge textbook with facts and figures to memorise for an exam, this module is an open research assessment. This means there is no study guide, and no ‘set’ things you need to know. That makes it a little bit scary. How do you know what you’re supposed to know for the exam? This is why I’ve created this course.This course contains the following:Section A – Frequently Asked Questions on this module Including - how much time do I need to spend on this module? where do I find the best research and how does my theme link to the syllabus? Here I'll address all the questions CIPS students have ever asked me so that you have a clear understanding of what this module is all about. Section B – Introduction to the SyllabusHere I go through the syllabus in depth and explain what CIPS expect you to know going into the examSection C – Research on the Syllabus Here I'll provide you with some really interesting research I've done myself and links to articles for you to read. I also explain things to look out for when reading articles, and how to take effective notes. I've also created some useful templates that you can download to keep your studying organised.Section D – Introduction to ‘Themes’ and how to relate this to the Syllabus.In this section I'll go through the type of themes that come up in this module, where to find information and how it all ties together with the earlier research on the syllabus. Section E – Example essay questions and how to prepare for the examLastly, we'll look at some example questions and how to structure an essay for the exam.*Note* this is a research module and the theme of the exam changes regularly. THIS COURSE DOES NOT DO YOUR RESEARCH FOR YOU. I have done SOME of the research, and I've found you some really cool articles to read, but you do have to read these yourself and you will have to complete some additional research on your theme too. Please plan your studying accordingly
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 FAQs about this module
Lecture 2 Introduction to the syllabus
Lecture 3 Research on the syllabus
Lecture 4 Introduction to Themes
Lecture 5 Example Essay Questions and Exam prep
CIPS students studying Level 6