Published 3/2024
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Make a Platformer like Crash Bandicoot using Unreal Engine 5's powerful Blueprint scritping language!
What you'll learn
Basics of Game Creation within Unreal Engine 5
Solid blueprint scripting prinicples used within AAA development
Scripting and Debugging practrices
Basic Game Design Logic
File Management Skills
While a fundimentals section is providied any experence of game development is preferable.
Computer powerful enough for Unreal Engine 5.3
Computer Literacy
Welcome to "Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint: Make Your Own 3D Platformer" – a fast-paced journey into the world of game development led by Ian, a technical game designer with extensive experience and a passion for teaching. Over 10 hours you will get to create a 3D platformer, reminiscent of the beloved OG Crash Bandicoot Course Overview:Unreal Fundamentals:The course kicks off with a deep dive into Unreal Fundamentals, ensuring learners, whether novices or experienced enthusiasts are equipped with the essential skills to navigate Unreal Engine 5, Quickly unlock the potential of this cutting-edge engine, understanding its interface, tools, and core principles that will underpin your entire game development journey.Project Setup:Every great adventure begins with a solid foundation. In the Project Setup section, you'll work alongside[Your Name] to set up your game project. Learn the crucial steps involved in organizing your assets, establishing a logical structure, and ensuring your project is primed for success. It's the crucial first step to bringing your 3D platformer vision to life.Character Creation:Now, let's breathe life into your adventure with Character Creation. Dive into the world of Blueprint visual scripting, where you'll bring your hero to life with movement, animations, and a camera track.Creating Hazards:A platformer wouldn't be complete without challenges. In the Creating Hazards section, learn the art of crafting obstacles that will test the skills of your players. From falling down pitfalls to respawning your player and counting lives.Creating Pickups:Heroes need rewards! Delve into the details of Creating Pickups, from power-ups to collectables that enrich your game world. Discover how to design items that not only captivate players but also utilise parent and child classes to do so. Creating More Hazards and Enemy AI:As your adventure progresses, so do the challenges. By creating more Hazards and implementing Enemy AI you are taking your platformer to the next level. Learn advanced techniques to design hazards that elevate the difficulty and introduce enemies that add depth and strategic elements to your game.Sound + VFX:Immerse your players in a sensory wonderland. In the Sound + VFX section, explore the magic of audio and visual effects. Discover how to incorporate captivating soundscapes, music, and dazzling visual effects that will elevate your 3D platformer from a game to a polished prototype.Completing the Game:As you reach the final stages of your game development journey, the Completing the Game section focuses on fine-tuning every detail. Polish your platformer, ensure a seamless player experience, and bring your Crash Bandicoot-inspired masterpiece to completion.Why Learn from Me?Ian Bradley a technical designer with a wealth of experience, has not only honed their skills in the industry but also dedicated years to teaching in academia. This unique combination of practical expertise and pedagogical experience ensures that you receive not just technical guidance but also insights into the real-world challenges and triumphs of game development.Enrol Today and Unlock Your Potential:Whether you're a budding game developer or a seasoned enthusiast, "Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint: Make Your Own 3D Platformer" is your gateway to mastering the art of game creation. I invite you to join this transformative course, where you'll not only acquire technical skills but also gain a deeper understanding of the creative and strategic aspects of game design. Enrol now, and let's embark on this adventure together. Unleash your creativity using Unreal Engine, known as the "Best Game Engine" by many as well as the Develop Industry Excellence Awards and Game Developer Magazine.Powerful and revered, Unreal Engine has played a pivotal role in crafting blockbuster games and iconic franchises, from the vibrant realms of Fortnite to the immersive narratives of BioShock and the gripping action of Gears of War. Its influence extends to a myriad of acclaimed titles, including Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Borderlands, Dishonored, Mass Effect, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and countless others.Gone are the days when Unreal Engine was exclusive to large corporations – now, with the liberating Unreal Engine 5, the game-changer is accessible to all, offering its cutting-edge features for free. Dive into the future of game development, and when your creation soars beyond $1 million in sales, Epic Games merely asks for a 5% share, making your dreams of crafting exceptional games more achievable than ever.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 How to use the Udemy Video Editor
Lecture 3 Play The Game!
Section 2: Fundimentals
Lecture 4 Editor Tour
Lecture 5 What is a Actor
Lecture 6 What is Blueprint
Lecture 7 What is a Variable
Lecture 8 What is a Component
Lecture 9 What is an Input Mapping Context
Lecture 10 What is a Material
Lecture 11 Debugging Fundimentals (Advanced)
Lecture 12 What are Event Dispachers (Advanced)
Lecture 13 What are Parent and Child Classes (Advanced)
Lecture 14 What is the Unreal Marketplace?
Section 3: Setup!
Lecture 15 Project Overview
Lecture 16 Research and Breakdown
Lecture 17 Setting Up Project
Lecture 18 Importing Assets
Lecture 19 Creating a test level
Lecture 20 CatchUpDownload
Section 4: Character
Lecture 21 Input Actions, GameMode and PlayerController.
Lecture 22 Character Blueprint Setup
Lecture 23 Character Movement
Lecture 24 Camera
Lecture 25 Blendspace1D
Lecture 26 Animation Blueprint
Section 5: Hazards Part 1
Lecture 27 Pitfalls
Lecture 28 Respawning The Player
Lecture 29 Finding a safe ********
Lecture 30 AnimMontage
Lecture 31 Lives
Lecture 32 Game Over (UI)
Section 6: Pickups!
Lecture 33 Creating a Pickup (Parent and Child Classes)
Lecture 34 UI + UI Animation
Lecture 35 Fonts
Lecture 36 Keeping The Counter Down When Collecting Multiple
Lecture 37 Bouncy Boxes
Lecture 38 Gaining Extra Lives!
Section 7: Hazard Part 2
Lecture 39 Explosive Boxes
Lecture 40 Creating mutliple types of death
Lecture 41 Enemy Blueprint
Lecture 42 Artifical Intelligence
Lecture 43 Enemy Attacking The Player
Lecture 44 Enemy Animation (AnimBlueprint)
Lecture 45 Attacking The Enemy
Lecture 46 Making The Enemy Hit Other Enemies when hit.
Section 8: Sound + VFX
Lecture 47 Audio Import
Lecture 48 Footsteps
Lecture 49 Jump and Attack
Lecture 50 Crate Sounds
Lecture 51 UI Sounds
Lecture 52 Music
Lecture 53 Walking VFX!
Lecture 54 Double Jump
Section 9: Winning
Lecture 55 End Platform
Lecture 56 End UI
Lecture 57 Saving Progress
Lecture 58 Level Select
Section 10: Level Creation
Lecture 59 Foilage and Material Instancing
Lecture 60 Level Creation Timelapse
Section 11: Extra Content
Lecture 61 Exporting Projects.
Hobbyist Game Developers who want to learn from an active developer,Professionals looking for portfolio content,Those wishing to expand their Unreal Engine tool set.,Beginners and Novices wanting move foward within their game dev journey

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