Published 3/2024
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EATest® - A Trademarks Registered NexGen Assessment Tool To Measure Leadership Potential Through a set of metrics.
What you'll learn
Leadership Framework: Ethical, Purposeful, Instinctive & Cognitive Behavioral Excellence Shapes Entrepreneurial, Passionate, Innovative & Creative Personalities
Leadership Development Plan : A robust worksheet to practice as a roadmap to ensure leadership position.
EATest® : A trademarks registered NexGen assessment tool to estimate The Leadership Metrics
The Leadership Metrics : Robust NexGen metrics to identify potential leaders through EATest®.
Leadership Metrics Analysis : A detailed analysis on the leadership potential of participants.
Recommendations to improvise leadership metrics
Professionals passionate about making an indelible impact through meaningful value addition to their careers
Anybody aspiring to be a leader through excellence in their respective fields of work or business.
Behind the evolution of this program on The Leadership Metrics, there is an award-winning published research work by experienced professionals. Over 100 years of collective experience went into its careful design and development.When we look at successful leaders, we notice that not all were successful the same way. In fact, there are lots of different leadership styles. And no single one of those styles is the “correct” style. The idea is to help identify your style and apply your leadership metrics to that style to be the leader of choice.One of the outcomes of this program is a robust assessment tool called EATest™. I am glad to let you know that this tool is trademark registered in India.EATest™ is a NexGen Assessment Tool to ensure excellence and leadership at all levels. This tool estimates what are called “The Leadership Metrics” or simply “The EPIC Metrics”. These Metrics serve as a benchmark measure ofone’s ability to be a potential leader.You may be wondering as to what is the Need for yet another set of metrics on Leadership. The answer is quite obvious from the recent leadership debacles the industry has witnessed.Of late, we are witnessing several failures of individual celebrated leaders as well as failures of often pampered global organizations. A closer look at the present debacle clearly points toward missing or compromising Ethical practices and clueless handling of human intelligence.This all new NexGen framework promises to provide a solution to the impending need to address the challenge at hand. The outcome is an assessment tool to measure one’s ability to be a potential leader.If You want to be an Ethical, Passionate, Innovative and Creative leader, then the road ahead is full of challengesbut the outcome and the destination are for sure to achieve. The solution is to develop niche competencies onpracticing ethical behavior, delivering with passionate purpose, fostering innovation and creativity throughout the organization.This program precisely aims to address the corporate leadership challenges through a balanced assessment tool called EATest™. It estimates one’s potential towards achieving excellence and leadership through a set of measurable indices called the EPIC metrics or the leadership metrics.This program has been designed and developed to bring the much-needed Transformation in achieving excellence and leadership at all levels. The power of this framework lies in its ability to compile explicit behavioral patterns by specifying the roles of conscious attention and subconscious workings.Leaders with these competencies cultivate the practice of thinking beyond the obvious and challenge the concepts and perceptions held so far.The Purpose of Responsible leadership should not only be centralized on individual development but also be focused on the holistic development of the society at large.This framework is designed and developed based on human evolution rather than overly relying on individual styles of a few successful leaders; which has been the norm so far.You may be wondering as to what’s in it for you in the course and what key takeaways are going to help in your journey towards achieving excellence and leadership. This course offers you the following tools and techniques to help realize your leadership potential:1. A trademark registered assessment tool by name EATest™, which integrates 4 constituent tools corresponding to the 4 domains of the framework.2. 4 individual domain metrics along with a consolidated index to serve as a benchmark for your leadership potential.3. 4 individual domain journals, cognitive restructuring diary and a master worksheet to serve as your leadership development plan.Now that you have a feel of what the course is all about, let me assure you that you will not only have a great time exploring your leadership potential but also be well equipped with relevant tools and techniques to help realize your dreams. Ethical, Purposeful, Instinctive and Cognitive Behavioral Excellence shapes Entrepreneurial, Passionate, Innovative and Creative (EPIC) Leaders.This course helps in exploring the value of your passion and ensures you become the key person of influence. It also helps igniting that part of your Brain that is already entrepreneurial. Prepare and model your Brain for the emerging economy – Mind can only see what it is programed to see. Get sensitized to the importance of your motivation that shapes your future.Wish you all the very best in your exploration as a leader.
Section 1: Introduction The Leadership Metrics
Lecture 1 Introduction To The Leadership Metrics
Section 2: The Leadership Metrics Assessment Tool
Lecture 2 EATest Assessmet Test
Section 3: Ethics Dimension of The Leadership Metrics
Lecture 3 The Ethics Dimension
Section 4: The Passion Dimension of The Leadership Metrics
Lecture 4 Passion For Purpose
Section 5: The Instinct Dimension of The Leadership Metrics
Lecture 5 The Instinct Dimension
Section 6: The Cognitive Dimension of The Leadership Metrics
Lecture 6 The Cognitive Dimension
Section 7: The Leadership Metrics Key
Lecture 7 Leadership Metrics Key
Section 8: The Leadership Metrics Analysis
Lecture 8 Metrics Analysis
Section 9: The Leadership Development Plan
Lecture 9 Metrics Analysis
Section 10: The Leadership Metrics Summary
Lecture 10 Metrics Summary
The course content as well as carefully designed tools and techniques help make a difference in professional and personal lives of the participants. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest on one's own self.,Mid career professionals aspiring to make a difference through excellence in their fields of work or business.