Published 3/2024
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Next Level for Furious Karate for MMA by Fight Vision and MALMS
What you'll learn
Furious Karate for MMA techniques for Martial Arts enthusiasts
How to organise self-training in karate
Kicking in Karate
Throws in Karate
Swipes in Karate
Takedowns in Karate
Self-Defense with Karate and Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Be able to spend 40-50 min 3-4 times per week for training
Do you want to learn martial art that includes traditional Karate principles and philosophy and at the same time useful enough for MMA and equal to Thai Boxing? Furious Karate for MMA is the best choice! In Russia it called "More real than life" or furious karate. We have punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes, head-butts, throws, chokes and much more.This is the Second Part of Course. And you gonna get the lessons by different trainers from several dojos (but don't worry Artyom from the previous Level will appear in some lwssons also).We gonna learn some deep aspects of Traditional Karate techniques. For example, you gonna get some Spinning Back Kicks Techniques (very usable in MMA/UFC/ONEFC etc...). And this time much more wrestling techniques: throws, takedowns, sweeps and so on.Also some special sections for combinations, using Kudo as a self-defense techniques and much more.This Course presented by 2 different dojos.So many students asked me about possibilities to take belt tests, unfortunately or not - this is very practical course focused only on Karate to MMA techniques, this isn't pure Daido Juku Kudo Karate course as it, cause I'm not connected to any federation. This is just one of martial arts courses that can be used in MMA or other mixfight styles.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to Furious Karate for MMA Level 2
Section 2: Punching in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 2 Straight Punches. Deep Understanding.
Lecture 3 Side Punches. Deep Understanding.
Lecture 4 Side Punches pad training
Lecture 5 Combo Uppercut and Hook
Lecture 6 Punching Combos 1
Lecture 7 Punching Combos 2
Section 3: Hiza Geri - Knee Strikes in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 8 Hiza Geri. Deep Understanding of Knee Strikes in Kudo.
Lecture 9 How to block Hiza Geri
Lecture 10 Hiza Geri Combos
Section 4: Low Kick in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 11 Low Kick in Kudo. Deep Understanding.
Lecture 12 How to Block Low Kick
Lecture 13 Low Kick Combos
Section 5: Mae Geri in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 14 Mae Geri Kick. Deep Understanding.
Lecture 15 How to use Mae Geri Kick as a counter strike
Lecture 16 Combinations with Mae Geri Kick
Section 6: Mawashi Geri in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 17 Mawashi Geri Kick. Deep Understanding
Lecture 18 Mawashi Geri Kick Mistakes.
Lecture 19 How to Block Mawashi Geri. Part 1
Lecture 20 How to Block Mawashi Geri. Part 2
Section 7: Ushiro Geri in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 21 Ushiro Geri Kick. Deep Understanding
Lecture 22 How to Block and Counter attack Ushiro Geri Kick
Lecture 23 Ushiro Geri Combinations Part 1
Lecture 24 Ushiro Geri Combinations Part 2
Lecture 25 Ushiro Geri Combinations Part 3
Lecture 26 Ushiro Geri Combinations Part 4
Lecture 27 Ushiro Mawashi Geri Variation
Section 8: Yoko Geri in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 28 Yoko Geri General
Lecture 29 Yoko Geri in a Pendulum Steps
Lecture 30 Yoko Geri Mistakes
Section 9: Ushiro Yoko Geri in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 31 Ushiro Yoko Geri. Deep Understanding.
Lecture 32 How to Defend against Ushiro Yoko Geri Kick
Lecture 33 Ushiro Yoko Geri Combos
Section 10: Throws, takedowns and sweeps in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 34 Calf Grab Takedown Kudo
Lecture 35 Suplex Throw and Slam in Kudo
Lecture 36 Sweep and Push Techniques Kudo
Lecture 37 Throws and Sweeps as a counter attacks against Kicking
Section 11: Blocks in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 38 Grabs and Throws in Kudo
Section 12: Deep Understanding of Combinations in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 39 Ippon Seoe Nage Shoulder Throw Kudo
Section 13: Grappling in Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 40 Knee Catch Takedown
Section 14: Self-Defense with Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 41 Morote Seoei Nage Shoulder Throw on both knees for Kudo and MMA
Section 15: Strengthen with Daido Juku Kudo Karate
Lecture 42 One Leg Takedown as a Counter Attack
martial arts enthusiasts,Parents that wants they kids start to do some extra karate training at home