Published 3/2024
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A mix of gymnastics and freestyle / action sports trampoline skills. This course is intended for purchase by adults.
What you'll learn
An intermediate level of both gymnastics and freestyle tricks, including front flips, backflips and side flips.
Increased flexibility from a variety of stretches.
Increased strength from a series of exercises.
Risk management and proper fall technique from multiple drills leading into the skills themselves.
A trampoline, being in decent physical shape and moderate experience on a trampoline - which you can obtain in my beginner trampoline course.
Hey guys, welcome to the Intermediate Mixed Trampoline Course!Who is the instructor?My name is Kris Olson, and I've been a gymnastics coach in Colorado for over 10 years as well as a competitive snowboarder and a coach of competitive snowboarding for over 20 years. Now, about this course:What's in this course?So this course has a mixture of legitimate gymnastics skills as well as freestyle trampoline tricks that heavily apply to action sports. This is a continuation of my beginner mixed trampoline course which you can also find on Udemy, and I make several references to previous drills covered in that course. However, if you are already at an intermediate-ish level yourself, you should have no problem following along. More specifically though, this course starts with a series of stretching and conditioning relevant to the tricks we’re working on and different than the ones covered in the beginner course. Then we move into our basics which starts with adding spin to a series of different bed tricks (which are tricks where you bounce off of different parts of your body instead of just your feet). Then we learn progressions for side flips as well as mistys, corks and brannys. And finally we end the intermediate course by putting these drills together and learning front flips, backflips, side flips, misty 540s and cork 720s.Is this course worth my money?Here are the reasons why this course is valuable:Safety. Learning these skills from a professional is so much less sketchy than trying these things by yourself or with your friends amping you up. And it's way faster.Legitimate content. The drills, progressions and techniques taught in this course have been refined for over a decade and have been proven to help hundreds of kids and adults learn these skills.Structure. Fast and effective progression is a matter of doing the right things in the right way in the right order. The chronological organization of this course will achieve that for you.High video quality. Cinematography and editing are side hobbies of mine, and I put them to work to make sure these videos are easy to watch and far surpass basic iPhone tutorials you can find on TikTok and Instagram.Fun. There aren't many things more fun than jumping on a trampoline, but one of those things is being good at it. It has contributed to a really cool life for me and can definitely create that for anyone else who is willing to put in the reps!It took me 25 years to accumulate all these skills, but you can do it in a matter of months with this course. Give it a go!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Course Intro
Lecture 2 Stretching
Lecture 3 Conditioning
Section 2: Basics
Lecture 4 Back Drop 180
Lecture 5 180 Back Drop
Lecture 6 Seat Drop 360
Lecture 7 Back Drop Log Roll
Lecture 8 Side Flip Progression
Lecture 9 Misty 540 Progression
Lecture 10 Cork 720 Progression
Lecture 11 Branny Progression
Section 3: Skills
Lecture 12 540 / Full & A Half Twist
Lecture 13 Front Flips
Lecture 14 Backflips
Lecture 15 Side Flips
Lecture 16 Misty 540
Lecture 17 Cork 720
Section 4: Resolution
Lecture 18 Final Words
Kids or adults who have some fundamental experience on a trampoline but want to get to an intermediate level in the safest and most efficient way.