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Last updated 7/2021
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Learn Excel VBA for career prospect. From intermediate, raw Excel to a VBA developer. Break the limitation of macros.
What you'll learn
You will be able to harness the power of VBA language to automate data processing and develop full featured Excel programs. Everything you need.
Go beyond recording simple macros. Work with Event Procedures
Dynamically manipulate workbooks, worksheets and arrays
Transfer data to and from spreadsheet for manipulation
Master the most important ActiveX controls such as Frame, MultiPage, List Box using VBA
Develop fully functional VBA application to sort and re-arrange worksheets in any workbook
Familiarity with the Excel interface (Ribbon). Basic understanding of array and looping construct
Willingness to experiment and explore
You should be able to create Workbooks and Worksheets using Excel
Be able to name cells and ranges
Understanding of Excel's Worksheet Functions
Beginning with macro recording, we guide you step by step to learn and develop your VBA skills that are guaranteed to take your Excel VBA skills to the next level . At the end of the course you will have the foundational skills and knowledge to build automated data processing VBA routines and develop full featured Excel applications. This course is for you if you daily use Excel to manipulate data and wish to take a break from such mundane tasks and start utilizing the power of Excel macros and VBA automation. If you intend to take on full VBA development as a career, and you are prepared to work hard and not be afraid to explore, you will receive a solid foundational skills to help you in this journey. This course is full of examples and hands-on exercises. We tackle the most important concepts of VBA programming such as Workbook and Worksheet event-level programming. We explore the use of ActiveX controls with examples and projects. We believe that if you are ready to work hard, we have provided you with the tools and foundational skills and knowledge to build on as you explore the interesting world of VBA programming for higher productivity
Who this course is for
For Excel users wanting to make the transition from data by day Excel data manipulation to automated data processing with VBA for increased productivity
Acquire the VBA programming skills to guarantee career prospects in VBA programming
Harness your VBA skills to make light of your daily Excel tasks and to assist co-workers