Construct And Paint A Geometric Mandala Of Interlaced Hearts
Published 2/2024
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Learn to construct, outline and interlace a pattern of six hearts to make a card or a gift design.

What you'll learn
Construct a simple circular grid to create a geometric heart using a compass and ruler
Give thickness to the heart's outline
Extend the circular grid to accommodate a six-heart mandala on watercolour paper
Give an interwoven 3D appearance of the design
Outline the mandala
Paint the finished pattern creating a gradient of two colours
Discuss the use of the compass and techniques to help simplify the process
Learn an additional nested hearts design

Some experience of drawing with a compass is useful, but the course is suitable for beginners as all the steps are systematically broken down.
Materials needed: Various paper such as printing paper, watercolour paper or card, ruler, pencil, eraser, compass, waterproof fineliner, paints and brushes or colouring pens/pencils, metallic pen.

Learn with me how to create a unique design of perfectly shaped curved hearts. This project can be a heartfelt labour of love, or your own truly meaningful Valentine's Day artwork or gift.In this course I will teach you how to construct a mandala of six interlocking hearts by creating a circular grid using a drawing compass and picking out selected curved arcs to create a complete design. I am going to discuss the use of the compass and techniques to help simplify the process.I will demonstrate how to construct a simple circular grid to create a geometric heart within it.Then I will show you how to give thickness to the heart's outline.Next I will extend the circular grid to accommodate a six-heart mandala directly on watercolour paper.I will teach you how to give a woven 3D appearance of the design so that the hearts look interlocked.Then I will outline the mandala with a metallic pen and paint the finished pattern creating an effect of two colours.Finally I will offer an extension of the complexity of your artwork by looking at different arrangements and ideas that can be achieved from the same circular grid.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Preparation

Lecture 2 Project

Lecture 3 Materials

Lecture 4 Using the compass

Section 3: Practice

Lecture 5 Constructing a single heart

Lecture 6 Increasing the thickness of the heart

Section 4: Constructing the Full Mandala

Lecture 7 Extending the grid

Lecture 8 Constructing the full mandala

Lecture 9 Interweaving the mandala

Section 5: Decorating the Design

Lecture 10 Outlining the mandala

Lecture 11 Painting the mandala

Section 6: Additional Content

Lecture 12 Design variations

Whether you are a beginner or a confident geometer, this pattern is accessible to everyone at any artistic level to create their own unique rendition of the design. At every stage of completing your art project, I will provide support and tips on how to approach each task, along with visual step-by-step instructions. I will also offer inspiration on how to extend the complexity of the pattern, so you can incorporate your own ideas and strengths, and let your unique creativity flow.