Published 2/2024
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An informative and engaging course covering the essentials of teaching, with ready to use tips and techniques !
What you'll learn
Identify engaging teaching and learning methodology
Develop confidence within the classroom
Establish strong behaviour for learning techniques
Create a positive, calm and focused learning environment
No prior experience needed but enthusiasm for teaching and education is a must!
Are you looking to expand your teaching knowledge?Whether you are a trainee teacher, early careers teacher or someone who's been in the game for a while, this bite-sized, informative course is for you. It has been designed to help you gain vital knowledge and gives you practical advice in the most important areas of teaching. The course explores the essentials of teaching including huge areas of focus such as behaviour management and engagement. The course is broken down into bite-sized, easily digestible chunks, through both lectures, presentations and resource walkthroughs to help you learn key methods and techniques. This course encompasses all of the information and knowledge I wish I had known when I first started teaching. What's in the course?The course covers a range of topics found in teaching and learning. From setting expectations to having a good work/life balance, this course provides you with helpful tips and resources so you can be the teacher you have always wanted to be. All of the resources/ideas/techniques I include in the course have been tried and tested in the classroom. This course will allow you to strive and not just survive in the classroom! So, what are you waiting for? Class has started!
Section 1: First Impressions
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 First Impressions
Lecture 3 Establishing Expectations
Lecture 4 Expectations in Practice
Lecture 5 Building Relationships
Lecture 6 Setting Boundaries
Lecture 7 Personality in the Classroom
Lecture 8 Personality Example
Lecture 9 Summary: Six Takeaways
Section 2: Behaviour Management
Lecture 10 Introduction
Lecture 11 Engagement
Lecture 12 Resources Walkthrough: BBC Teach
Lecture 13 Resources Walkthrough: Kahoot
Lecture 14 Resources Walkthrough: Blooket
Lecture 15 Body Language
Lecture 16 Using Rewards in the Classroom
Lecture 17 Keep Calm and Carry On: Be in control of the classroom
Lecture 18 Using Humour to Engage
Lecture 19 Summary: Six Takeaways
Section 3: Lesson Planning
Lecture 20 Introduction
Lecture 21 Using Bloom's Taxonomy to Design your Learning Objectives
Lecture 22 How to Structure a Lesson for Success
Lecture 23 How to Use Pace Effectively
Lecture 24 Dealing with Change in the Classroom
Lecture 25 Using Multimedia to Enhance the Curriculum
Lecture 26 Practice Makes Perfect
Lecture 27 Summary: Six Takeaways
Section 4: Introduction to Differentiation
Lecture 28 Introduction
Lecture 29 Differentiation in a Nut****l
Lecture 30 Neurodiversity
Lecture 31 Supporting Students with Dyslexia
Lecture 32 Summary: Six Takeaways
Section 5: Use of Voice for an Effective Classroom
Lecture 33 Introduction
Lecture 34 Volume: Using Volume to Engage Students
Lecture 35 Pace: How to Vary Pace in Lessons
Lecture 36 Tone: How Tone of Voice is an Effective Communicator
Lecture 37 Care: How to Take Care of Your Voice
Lecture 38 Summary: Six Takeaways
Section 6: Techniques to Achieve a Healthy Work/Life Balance
Lecture 39 Introduction
Lecture 40 The Joys of Marking
Lecture 41 Time Management
Lecture 42 Building and Maintaining a Support Network
Lecture 43 Support Network Activity
Lecture 44 Self-Care: Look After Yourself!
Lecture 45 Getting Involved in School Life
Lecture 46 Summary: Six Takeaways
Section 7: Course Completion
Lecture 47 Congratulations!
Trainee Teachers who want to gain knowledge and confidence within teaching,Early Career Teachers wanting to expand their knowledge,Experienced Teachers who want to refresh their methods and try new approaches

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