Dear friends!

I want to share today our new concept! We have been working since 6 - 8 month on some new high specs cables! We already get a lot of technical help from B-Phreaks (Danny), DM3 team, Karvos and many others developers who shared with us their needs of high quality cables!

This cables range will be ready by middle of November! It's new structure is 100% new never made before...

We are dedicated to change this industry bringing always higher quality products! And believe me we have a lot of projects coming up!

Back to our Krom cables! I see you guys having a lot of imaginations but I know you won't find what woul dbe this one!! Challenging isn't it??

Once again if we have some winner to this questions we will offer some Credits in our online shop

1st get 200USD credit value on our Online shop -
2nd get 50USD credit value on our Online shop -
3rd get 10 pcs cable of his wish listed in our Online shop -

So guys reply this questions:

What could we bring to our cable industry that will dramaticly change the way we use cables?

We will make some banners within this weeks to help you get an idea of the Outlook of the cables! But this time the most important is inside. You remember what the cable were looking like before we enter in the industry? So you can say that you will have same feeling after we have release our KROM Cables

Best Regards