Dear Users,

As you noticed, griffin released his sl2 solution for 1 eur, and shortly after this genie for free.
Nice step to kill the market. But ok, not the first and also not the last.
We, -the UB team- don't observe them.

You are able to use UB for unlimited free sl2 unlocking, just need activate this feature one time for 200 credits. Please don't open threads to cry to release it for free, because there are many days developing behind this.
For activation you need use latest UB version, so don't forget updating your box first.

Dear Users,

there was little
misunderstanding arround our unlimited SL2 activation system, so we want clear this.
You can activate this feature any time, not important to have RAP3G standalone activation before.

So what will you have, if you activate this feature now:
  • BB5 Rap3G SL2 unlimited standalone unlock activation
  • BB5 RAPIDO SL2 unlimited unlock (with latest modells like 5800, N85, ...)


Bestr regards: UB Team