chinaed s1

chinaed s2

chinaed s3


-Support all of known models based at MT6205 - MT6227
-Translation by dictionary
-Manual translation
-Attachment to any language (by default to English) of
-Creation dictionary from Excel file
-Constantly updating dictionary
-Change name of language in the phone menu
-Adding new language (*)
-Delete language (*) of
-Support UNICODE
-Unlimited words length (within the limits of reasonable =) )
-Comfortable navigation at unknown phrases
-Saving phrases in Excel file
-Upload unknown phrases to server for subsequent of translating
-Font editor
-Import fonts from file DB
-Import fonts from Windows
-Not needed replacement of all chars
-Unlimited font size (*)
-Media Import and Export
-Save full flash
-Save different only (patch with SKAT file) of
-Flashing with full flash (*) of
-Flashing with patch (*)
-Downloading news from server about updates and plans