Checking Drivers and OS Update Installation Success (Windows 2000)
Top Previous Next ·Be sure to have both smartcard and the USB cable connected to the PC.
·Now start the USB View Utility which can be found in the Diagnostic Tools folder of the Windows start-menu. If everything works fine, you should see a configuration similar to that shown in the following picture.

Both e-gate USB Smart Card and UC-10 USB Composite Device (or Fighter USB Composite Device) strings should be visible (i.e. the respective devices are properly connected to the USB bus).
·Click at My Computer icon on your Windows desktop using the right mouse button, then select Properties. The System Properties window will appear. You can achieve the same result also by using Win+Break key combination.
·In System Properties window go to Hardware tab (1) and open Device Manager (2).
cable system properties numbered

·As the Device Manager appears, try to locate the e-gate Virtual Reader Enumerator driver (1), e-gate USB Smart Card reader driver (2), e-gate USB Smart Card driver (3), UC-10 USB Composite Device driver (4), and the Universal Cable UC-10 driver (5). If at least one of the mentioned drivers is missing, the software will probably not work correctly. Also keep in mind, that if you have the old Fighter cable, the respective driver names (4) and (5) will be different - Fighter USB Composite Device and SphereGSM Fighter Cable.
device manager

·At this point check (and remember) what COM port number (5) is assigned to the USB cable (it is displayed next to the device name, inside brackets). The COM port number has to be in range between 1 and 16, otherwise Cruiser will not be able to recognize it.
·Now start the SmartCard Diagnostic Utility which is located in the same folder as the previous tool. Click the Smartcard Base Components item on the left pane and you should see something similar to the following picture:
w2k pcsc scbc
Now doubleclick the Connected Readers item and it should unroll so it would contain the Schlumberger e-gate 0 string. If the Connected Readers list is empty, there will be probably a problem with e-gate virtual reader driver.
w2k pcsc connectedreaders

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