LGI_1_54SC released.Full support for LG GW520,GW525,GB220,GB230,GB250 and KP550 added
New version - LGI flasher - unlocker v1.54SC is uploaded at support sites in LG section.

- Support for LG GW520,GW525,GB220,GB230,GB250 and KP550 added.Flash files for them are uploaded
also.GW520 and GW525 can be connected in two ways - using TP on PCB or using USB cable.
- USB support,including fast flashing, is added for GB250,GC900,GT360,GT365,GW520,GW525,KC550,
KC560,KC780,KM380,KM385,KM386,KM900,KP270,KP275,KP 500,KP501,KP502,KP550,KP570,KS360,TE360
and TE365 models.USB cable which goes together with phone or anyone LG USB cable with KG800
connector can be used.LG Qualcomm models USB cables can be used also.
Read "Help.doc" file how to connect these phones in USB mode.Help file is included to RAR
file together with software.

Big thx again goes for Mr.Kasner for his help with GB230 phone tests