Martech XC1 Adapter

Adapter XC1 for Martech Analyzer it's battery adapter for new released power supply/battery tester from Martech that allows you easy and fast connect any battery for performing regneration procvess, charge, test or discharge batetry. Adapter was created with coolaboration with Martech Team and are fully supported with PB243 device - using dedicated temperature control unit for measure battery temperature while process running to not allow overload and burn battery.

- build in temperature control unit for Martech Anaylzer
- cage for battery are easly adjusted to match yoru batteries
- max size of battery tested (cage dimmension): 85mm x 85mm
- max height of battery tested (cage dimmension): 28mm

NOTE: Height as lenght of battery can be bigger that adapter area - int this situation it will be over workign area of adapter. This can happend while testign big batteries as camera unit etc.

analyzer 400b

analyzer big

analyzer 400a