Waiting for server.....OK
Loading files.....OK
Setting up.....OK
Waiting for MTK port.....Detected {COM12}
Switching to Meta Mode.....OK
Waiting for Meta port.....Detected {COM15}
Connecting to Meta port.....OK
Reading info.....OK
Device SDK: 29
Device data encryption: encrypted
Device Hardware: mt6765
Device CPU: arm64-v8a
Device Factory: vivo
Device Factory: vivo
Device Factory: vivo
Device Model: vivo 1938
Android version: 10
Device Firmware: QP1A.190711.020 release-keys
Executing Erase command.....OK
- Note: if device not entered to recovery and process format automatically then
- Boot to recovery manually and perform factory reset
Operation {Factory Reset META Recovery} ID: 091E3A1148E7B9CC
Elapsed time 01:15 -- Version 3.9.1