Martech RCD V1.4.1.0 10/07/2009
Martech RCD V1.4.1.0 10/07/2009
Martech RCD Service Tools V1.4.1.0

What's new supported in this version of RCD:
-VW Alpha IV by Philips vwz6z1 [i2c]
-Opel SC 202 B [SDA 2516]
-SC 202 B by Opel [SDA 2516]
-JVC KD LX 30 R [24c32]
-JVC KD LX 3 R [24c32]
-JVC KD LX 10 R [24c32]
-JVC KS LX 200 R [24c32]
-JVC KD LX 330 R [24c32]
-JVC KD LX 50 R [24c32]
-JVC KD LX 333 R [24c32]
-JVC KD LX 555 R [24c32]
-Car 300 (d) by Blaupunkt [SN]

- Support for using Martech Box II Plus / Clip as programmer for 24cXX memories.

What does it mean?

It's simply, from now you don't need any extra programmer for reading memories and use it to get codes via RCD !

How to do it?

Just connect 4 wires from Box to memory via resistors and diodes (then memory
doesn't have to be desoldered, you can also use TP on radio pcb) and read it out !

If your car radio doesn't support reading without desoldering then desolder memory,
connect cables to memory and read it out !

Unlocking car radio with Martech devices is simply and safely.
You don't need other programmers, additional tools and adapters!

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Link for i2c adapter scheme:

Link for Polish manual (english will come shortly):

Link for official RCD support forum:

Soon support for SPI and microwire memories !

Do you have unsupported radio and need our help ?
Contact us!

How to get this V1.4.1.0 ? It's simply - run rcd.exe and process of self update will begin.

Here you can download latest version of our applications:

Be READY ! For next BIG updates :-)

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