LG Rocker v1.12 released

whats new:

  • Fixed bug from last version related to OTP phones (U450, U890 etc)
  • Fixed bug with U450 from ver 1.08
  • Some other minor improvements
We can say this is final version, so here is again list of new models which is correctly supported:

  • KU990i
  • KU990iGO
  • KF701
Important notices:
  • It is advised to backup NVM prior to any operations on all models
  • If You get "Firmware not supported" message, take note that this is only due to number of firmwares we have tested. ALL Firmwares will work on new phones, message is there due to software concept
  • In case You get some error while unlocking, DO NOT flash phone or disconnect. It is enough to press "Flash ID" button on "ADVANCED" tab and then switch back and press "Unlock"
  • If You get into some trouble, despite all perfection that LG Rocker has, please include Phone model, sw version and LOG from operations when asking for help. Otherwise, i will delete Your post and BLOCK Your dongle. I am serious !
  • DO NOT use versions 1.10 and 1.11 anymore !
Please download and install "LGRocker_v1.12.exe" from support area.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !