Martech RCD Service Tools V1.3.12

What's new supported in this version of RCD:

Clarion CDC 6000 [s24h30]
Clarion CRX 63R [s2914]
Clarion CRX 75R [s2914]
Clarion PE 9639 A [s2914]
Clarion CRX 77R [s2914]
Clarion CRX 81R
Clarion CRX 85R [93c46]
Clarion PE 9586 C [93c46]
Clarion CRX 91R [93c46]
Clarion PE 9438 A [93c46]
Clarion PE 9436 A[93c46]
Clarion PE 9436 C [93c46]
Clarion CRX 111R [93c46]
Clarion CRX 115R [93c46]
Clarion PN 9410F [93C46]
Clarion PN 9728F
Clarion PN 9837A
Clarion PU 9252 A
Jaguar PU 9252 A
Clarion PU 9536 A
Peugeot PU 9536 A
Clarion PU 9590 R [S2914]
Range_Rover PU 9590 C [S2914]
Range_Rover PU 9590 B [S2914]
Clarion PU 9594 A
Citroen PU 9594 A [S2914]
Peugeot PU 9594 A [93c46]
Clarion PU 9679 [93c46]
Peugeot PU 9679 [93c46]
Clarion PU 9680 A [S2914]
Peugeot PU 9680 A [S2914]
Clarion PU 9694 B [S2914]
Land_Rover PU 9694 B [S2914]
Clarion PU 9715 A [S2914]
Saab PU 9715 A [S2914]
Saab PU 9716 A [S2914]
Clarion PU 9716 A [S2914]
Clarion CRH 81 R [93c46R]
Clarion PE 9439 A [93c46R]
Clarion PN 9939 U [93C46]
Nissan CH 916 [93C46]
Clarion PN 9726 U [S2914]
Nissan CK 953 [S2914]
Clarion PN 9908 [S2914]
Nissan CK 954 [S2914]
Clarion PE 9839 [93c46]
Audi PE 9839 [93c46]
VW Premium Audio PE 9839 [93c46]
Clarion PN 9924 U [93c46R]
Nissan Ck 916 [93c46R]
Nissan Ck 934 [93c46R]
Nissan Ck 936 [93c46R]
Clarion PU 1570 A [93c46R]
Peugeot PU 1570 A [93c46R]
Clarion PU 9872 U [93c46R]
Nissan CK 964 [93c46R]
Clarion PP 9924 E [93c46R]
Nissan CT 016 [93c46R]
Clarion PU 1561 A [93c46R]
Peugeot PU 1561 A [93c46R]
Citroen PU 1561 A [93c46R]
Clarion PU 9924
Clarion PN 9524 U [s24h30]
Nissan CK 96 B [s24h30]
Clarion PN 9525U [s24h30]
Nissan CK 68 B [s24h30]
Clarion PU 1569 A [93c46]
VW Premium IV PU 1569 A [93c46]
Clarion PU 2325 A [93c46R]
Peugeot PU 2325 A [93c46R]
Clarion PU 2294 A [93c46R]
Citroen PU 2294 A [93c46R]
Peugeot PU 2294 A [93c46R]
Citroen PU 2294 B [93c46R]
Peugeot PU 2294 B [93c46R]

How to get this V1.3.12 ? It's simply - run rcd.exe and process of self update will begin.

Be READY ! For next BIG updates :-)

Martech Team

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How to get latest versions? It's simply - run desired application and process of self update will begin.
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