Successfully Remove FRP FOR Huawei Y9 2018 FLA-LX1FLA-LX1
done by test point

Here Is the Log
Waiting for USB COM 1 port.....Detected {COM27}
Connecting to device.....OK
Writing data 1.....OK
Writing data 3.....OK
Rebooting device to fastboot.....OK
Waiting for fastboot device.....OK
Reading info.....OK
Device Model: FLA-LX1
Device Serial: 75U7
Device IMEI: 867418
Device IMEI2: 867418
Device Firmware: :FLA-LX1
Device FB Lock: UNLOCKED
Device USER Lock: LOCKED
Device Lock: unlocked
Resetting FRP.....OK
Operation {Reset FRP [Test Point]} ID: 0F980D2A997ED0B9D4813A2203B6F144
Elapsed time 00:20 -- Version