SMTi Ver 17.60

- Added paypal payment method and online receiving credits
- Read manual how to buy and get credits after payment by PAYPAL and Credit Cards
- Added View Log button
- Added support web page button
- Added Huawei V830 unlocking by code reading
- Added Huawei V830 repair securety block

Direct link - HERE

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How to buy and get credits for SMTi - Manual PDF file

How to buy and get credits for SMTi - RapidShare Link for manual PDF file


Manual how to get file with credits after payment by PAYPAL .

1.Click Buy Credits button
2. Click Buy Now button and you see on your web browser official online shop for SMTi Box.
3. Select the appropriate number of credits 5,10,15,20,25,50 or 100 and make payment online via PayPal or
credit card
4. Click Paypal Get Credit button on SMTi exe .
5. Enter the data obtained by making a payment .
NOTE : Typing e-mail address must be the same as e-mail address with PayPal
6. Click Get Packet by e-mail button . At the email address you will receive a file with the credits
Buying credits was never as simple and easy !!!

by hima010