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Octoplus/Octopus Suite v.1.4.9 is out!
Octoplus/Octopus Suite v.1.4.9 Release Notes:

Improved “Unlock” operations for Galaxy S7 SM-G930T and Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935T devices for unstable Internet connections.

Please note:

  • Unlock operation doesn't affect KNOX
  • Cost for users without Octopus box - 330 credits
  • Cost for Octopus/Octoplus users without Samsung activation - 250 credits
  • Cost for Octopus/Octoplus Samsung owners - 210 credits

How to perform Unlock operation:

  • Select SM-G930T or SM-G935T from the list in Software
  • Enable ADB
  • Connect the device to PC via USB cable
  • Install Samsung ADB drivers
  • Press "T-Unlock" button

Don’t forget:

  • Before performing the operation, please, fully charge phone’s battery. Also, connect the phone directly to PC motherboard USB port, don’t use USB hubs, this is important
  • The unlocking process takes about 10 minutes, please, do not disconnect the cable and do not confirm / do not press / reboot any messages that appear on the screen of the phone during the unlocking process

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