super doctor 3 box + hwk box.
what about the super dcotor 3 box????
super doctor 3 box,supper Chinese mobile,
find pinout is first,repair Chinese mobile is best.
supper MTK cpu 6219\6217\6218\6225\6226\6227\6228\6229\6230\6225. ...supper two sim card

(two cpu )flash .
supper SPD cpu 6600D\6600M\6600E\6600R\6600I\6800....,supper TV phone repair.
supper 7850\7870\7880....infineon CPU chip.
supper ADI,SKY,TI cpu phone repair.
supper samsung phone agree and OM cpu repair.
supper new cpu SI4904 repair.
supper new cpu ANYKA,like copy nokia 1100 repair.
supper Oscillography use,
so the super doctor 3 box can repair 100% chinese mobilewhat about the HWK 2.08 tool??
hwk supper NOKIA,Sony Ericsson,samsung,LG...phone flash .
this box can up new ver??
yes!!!this box supper up new ver.flash chinese mobile,you can download the commzero flash

tool,flash NOKIA\Samsung\Sony Ericsson\LG you can download the hwk tool.
can i download the flile in hwk supper ***suit??
yes!!you can downlaod.
if i don't know how use this box,how can i do??
tell me what about your problem,first time i will help you do it.
who sell this box??
you can add MSN:[email protected],[email protected]
adress:NO.01/12F New Asia International Electronic & Digital City No.55 XiDi Er

tel: ,(