Hi to all,
This is the latest update for PolarBox2 customers:


* Fixed bug in comport detection

- Now connection process has been modified, you must do this ...
- Activate "Unlock LG3G NEW" in LG tab
- Press "unlock" button
- Software will ask you for connect NOW the phone, do it smile
- Polar will detect when u plug (wait 2-3 seconds) and process will start

We are working in another bug detected, in some computers (little number) software give error and not start, as soon as possible we will fix it.

* Added new Firmware versions :

- 153 firmwares added will not list all (like other tool biggrin)
- Now PolarBox2 support 263 versions of LG phones (more than other tools)
- Firmwares upgraded are from this MODELS listed :

LG KC Series : KC910
LG KE Series : KE990
LG KF Series : KF310 KF700
LG KU Series : KU250 KU380 KU990 KU990GO KU990MF
LG TU Series : TU915
LG U Series : U250 U370 U960 U990
LG CU Series : CU720 CU920 (american versions)

and for sure More hot news on the way wink

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ PB2 Team ]
http://www.polarbox2.net/ ]