Implemented repair solution for phones damaged by deadly software combination. Find out more in Cruiser+ help file.

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Login: cruiser
Password: cruiser

Please read the following instructions carefully!

Not following the instructions exactly may result in severe problems with phone.


This procedure repairs majority of CID49/51 DB2020 phones killed by deadly combination - unsuccesful unlock by other tool (SETool, etc.) followed by unlocking by codes in Cruiser.


· Ensure the phone battery is fully charged.

· Ensure you have at least one server credit available.

Repair procedure:

· Attach the phone via DCU-60 or DCU-65 cable. Instead of holding the C key hold keys 2 & 5. Cruiser has to show "Booting via ROM..." Alternatively you may use a UC-10/Cruiser/Fighter cable.

· Reflash phone by any main firmware flash file of suitable CID and color.

· Reflash phone by any raw FS flash file of suitable CID and color.

· Customize the FS. One server credit will be deducted.

· Go to the Locks tab, press the Save security button and save the file to a folder of your choice.

· Press the Unterminate button and wait until the operation finishes.

· Now turn the phone off and disconect it from the cable.