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Fixing Samsung GT-I9070 unlocking process


- Unlock process for this phone use two step : 1 with usb cable than uart cable (use cable C3300k). - Connect Uart box with C3300k cable, and select it s COM port, dont connect phone in first in uart box ! - Connect phone to usb cable and hit Unlock button. - fellow soft instruction. Looking for phone Phone detected Reading phone info Reading info ok CPU: UX500 MODELREAD: GT-I9070 MODELREAD2: GT-I9070 / GT-I9070 OS_VERSION: ANDROID 2.3.6 GINGERBREAD FIRMWARE: GT-I9070-user / I9070XXLD1 HWID: samsung-14 KERNEL_VERSION: CpuInfo: ARMv7 Verifying root Root ok Unlocking.. Searching Phone..Found. MSL Akseed : 8927-91-107 MSL seed : 1343-96-109 Unlocking Done, if phone ask any code enter : 00000000



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