all iphone 2G firmware from v 2.0 to v 3.1.3


Softawy IMG19121812201212

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_2.0

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_2.0.1

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_2.0.2

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_2.1

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_2.2

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_2.2.1

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_3.0

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_3.0.1

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_3.1

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_3.1.2

iphone 2G V iPhone1,1_3.1.3

all iphone 3G firmware from V 2.0 to V 4.2.1


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iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_2.0

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_2.0.1

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_2.0.2

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_2.1

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_2.2

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_2.2.1

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_3.0

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_3.0.1

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_3.1

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_3.1.2

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_3.1.3

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_4.0

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_4.0.1

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_4.1

iphone 3G V iPhone1,1_4.2.1

all iphone 3GS firmware from V 3.0 to V 6.0.1


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iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_3.0

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_3.0.1

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_3.1.2

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_3.1.3

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_4.0

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_4.0.1

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_4.1

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_4.2.1

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_4.3

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_4.3.3

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_5.1

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_5.1.1

iphone 3GS V iPhone2,1_6.0

iphone 3Gs V iPhone2,1_6.0.1

all iphone 4 firmware from V 4.0 to V 6.0.1


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iphone 4 V iPhone3,1_4.0

iphone 4 V iPhone3,1_4.0.1

iphone 4 V iPhone3,1_4.1

iphone 4 V iPhone3,1_4.2.1

iphone 4 V iPhone3,1_4.3

iphone 4 V iPhone3,1_4.3.3

iphone 4 V iPhone3,1_5.1

iphone 4 V iPhone3,1_5.1.1

iphone 4 V iPhone3,1_6.0

iphone 4 V iPhone3,1_6.0.1

all iphone 4S firmware from V 5.1 to V 6.0.1


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iphone 4S V iPhone4,1_5.1

iphone 4S V iPhone4,1_5.1.1

iphone 4S V iPhone4,1_6.0

iphone 4S V iPhone4,1_6.0.1

all iphone 5 firmware from V 6.0 to V 6.0.2


Softawy IMG3131112201212

iphone 5 V iPhone5,1_6.0

iphone 5 V iPhone5,1_6.0.1

iphone 5 V iPhone5,1 6.0.2 10A551 Restore (GSM)

iphone 5 V iPhone5,2 6.0.2 10A551 Restore(GSM+CDMA)