Polar Suite Update v3.1.3
Panda Suite Update v1.6.4
SAT Tool Update v1.4.4

Official website : Http://www.polarbox2.net/i-polarbox-...orld-first.htm
Link direct download : Http://www.polarbox2.net/downloads/P...pdate_v313.zip

SonyEricsson phones ( Xperia platform )

Docomo SO-01B
Xperia X10
Xperia X10i
Xperia X10a
E10i Xperia X10 Mini
E15i Xperia X8
E16 Xperia W8
E16i Xperia W8
LT15 Xperia arc
LT18 Xperia arc S
MK16 Xperia pro
MT11 Xperia neo V
MT15 Xperia neo
R800 Xperia play
S51SE Xperia mini
SK17 Xperia mini pro
SO-01C Xperia arc
SO-01D Xperia play
SO-03C Xperia ray
ST15 Xperia mini
ST17 Xperia active
ST18 Xperia ray
U20 Xperia X10 Mini Pro
WT19 Walkman
Z1 Xperia play

[+] Added DIRECT UNLOCK function
[+] Procedure added for testing (please report unlocks)
[+] Added drivers, testpoints and full complete manuals (english and spanish) to support area

[+] Process FREE with LICENSE3 (if you not have license, cost is 5 credits)

Xperia MT 11 Unlock Polar

Vodafone & ZTE phones ( Android platform)

Vodafone Smart Chat ( IMEI WORLD FIRST !!! )

[+] Added READ CODES function
[+] Added REPAIR IMEI function

Vodafone V860

[+] Improved unlock procedure for unsupported versions

Vodafone 353

[+] Added UNLOCK via code calculation
[+] Secure procedure, all FW versions supported

Alcatel phones ( Android platform )

Alcatel OT-536

[+] Added READ CODES ( WORLD FIRST !!! )
[+] Added READ FLASH at 921.600 bds
[+] Procedure added for testing (please report unlocks)

Alcatel OT-903
Alcatel OT-903D
Alcatel OT-916
Alcatel OT-916D
Alcatel OT-918
Alcatel OT-918D
Alcatel OT-918N
Alcatel OT-922
Alcatel OT-928
Alcatel OT-966
Alcatel OT-985
Alcatel OT-991
Alcatel OT-992
Alcatel OT-997
Alcatel OT-3201
Alcatel OT-A919
Alcatel OT-A966
Alcatel OT-A980
Alcatel OT-A986
Alcatel OT-C918
Alcatel OT-C919
Alcatel OT-M960
Alcatel OT-MOV2
Alcatel OT-V861
Alcatel OT-W939
Alcatel OT-W969
Momo Design MD
Orange Denver
Orange Pasadena
ZTE Mimosa Mini V856
ZTE V857

[+] Added DIRECT UNLOCK procedure
[+] Added FORMAT FILESYSTEM (erase usercode)

Samsung phones ( Android platform)

[+] Added
+4 firmware versions of S5570 and S5830 (for fast unlock)
[+] Added
+1 firmware version of i9001

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