Ascend G300 (U8815)
Honor (U8860)

1 Click Direct Unlock with USB Cable

G7050, G7010, G6, G6150, G7007,G5730 Direct Unlock in 5 sec
G20, G2800, G3501, G3511,G3512,G3610, G3620,G5500,G5510,G6003,G6005,G6210,G6600,G6601,G6603,G6608,G6620,G6622, G7000,G7105, G7210, G7300, G7510, G7600, G6605, G6610, G6610v, PANAMA,

- Repair Software Error 23, 4, 3,20 en 5 sec (World First) click to see Video
- Calculat Nck code
- Read Unlock codes with cable
- Read Security Code
- Direct Unlock

Huawei Modem: E880, EG162, EG162G, EG602, EG602G, E155, E1550, E1552, E156, E156B, E156C, E156G, E160, E160G, E161, E1612, E1630, E166, E166G, E169, E169G, E170, E172, E1750, E1752, E1756, E176, E1762, E180, E182E, E196, E226, E270, E271, E272, E510, E612, E618, E620, E630, E630, E660, E660A, E800, E870

- Calculate Unlock code by Imei
bb Calculate Mep1, Mep2,Mep3, Mep4, Mep5
Mep2 calcul imei + Mep Supported (all Existing Meps included 2012 security)
Mep2 Codes calcul with IMEI+PRD (more than 10500 PRD Supported)

OT906,VODAFONE SMART 2 (V860) Read Codes/Direct Unlock with USB Cable.

- Fast and Safe Process in few seconds. (Pack1 is needed )

MTK Direct Unlock WORLD UNIQUE !!!

OT217,OT217D,OT292,OT-297,OT-905,OT-905D,OT-I905,OT-907,OT-907D,OT-907M,OT-907N,OT-I888,OT-888D, OT-I808, OT-C819, OT-819, OT-813F,OT-813D, OT-813,OT-800,OT802,OT808,OT880,VF555,OT806,OT806D,OT807,OT807D,OT888,OT888D

Direct Unlock 5 sec
No Flash, No patch, No data lost.
Supported all FW, al PID (Telcel Mexico,Movistar Mexico and special FW Included)

Check Videos Here !!!


OT-4301,OT-A10,OT-995, OPTIMUS MADRID, OT-C995, OT-A998
OT-V958, OT-MOVE, OT-C990, OT-C908, OT-A990, OT-A909, OT-990, OT-981, OT-980, OT-910, OT-909. OT-908F, OT-908
+ 5 sec direct unlock with USB Cable
+ Added Another Qcom option to Unlock Other Alcatel not listed.

MediaTek Android OS
OT-922,OT-MOV2,OT-3201,OT-W939,OT-C919,OT-C918,OT-A919,OT-985,OT-A980,OT-A986,OT-991,OT-918,OT916,Orange DENVER,OT 890, OT890D, OT A890, OT A890D, OT891.
+ Direct Unlock and Read Codes/Reset counters with cable, Safe Unlock Process
+ Added Generic Android to Read Unlock codes from other Alcatel phones
(USB cable or Uart + FTDI)

F331, MS01, MS02, KR01, T208, T255, V345, V354, V355, V555, V607, Q5818, 818D, 819, 819D, 828, 880, 888, 888D, AM01,
C710D, C819D, V570, F115, F121, F122, F152, F344, I606, I650, I808, I818, I898, S621, S626, B331, F330, 710K, 7110, 799,
800, 802, 802Y, 803, 803D, 806, 806D, 807, 807D, 808, 808G, 808M, 809, 810, 813, 813D, 600, 602, 602D, 606, 660, 665,
706, 708, 813D, 305, 306, 311, 312, 315, 315M, 352, 355, 356, 360, 361, 362, 363, 380, 383, 385D, 385J, 455, 505, 505k, 506, 506D,
508, 540, 543, 555, 565, 565D, 585D, 710, 710D, 090, 103, 104, 105, 106, 108, 109, 112, 113, 140, 150, 203, 203E, 204,
205 , 206, 208, 209, 213, 214, 216, 217, 217D, 222, 223, 250, 252, 255, 280, 282,296,297, 300, 303, 304, OT-385, V155, OT-650, OT-117, OT-810D,OT-813F, OT-F101, OT-585DF,OT-900,OT-901,OT-905,OT-905D,OT-I905,OT-907,OT-907D,OT-907M,OT-907N

+ Calculate 5 levels Unlock Codes
+ All Existing PIDs Supported

ALCATEL U7: + Read Nck Code with RJ45 cable + Ftdi

ALCATEL MODEM: Calculat Nck / Rck code with Imei
X020,X030,X060S,X070S,X080S,X100X,X200X,X200S,X210 S,X210X,X2 15S,X220L,X225L,X225S,X228L
motorola MOTOROLA WX SERIE: WX160, WX161, WX180, WX181, WX260, WX260C, WX265, WX280, WX288, WX290, WX295, WX390, WX395

+ Calculate Unlock Code with IMEI
Read Unlock Code with RJ45 Cable + Ftdi
KP130, KP170, KP230, KP233, KP235, KP500, KP501, KP502, KP550, KP570GB100, GB101, GB102, GB105, GB107, KG270, KG271, KG275, KG276, KG278, KG370, KG375, MG160, MG161, MG180, KP100, KP105, KP105A, KP105B, KP106, KP106A, KP106B
Read All Codes with RJ45 Cable + Ftdi
M3510C, M3510L, S5050, S5200, T229, E258D, F250, F258, G608, J150, J158, J210, J218, J706, J708, L339, L600, L608, M3510, E1120, E1125, E1150, E1150C, E1160, E1360B, E2100C, E2210, E2210B, E2210C, E251, B100I, B130, B130S, B130T, B138, B270I, C270, C270V, C276, C280, C3212, C5212, C6112, E1060, E1070, E1070T, E1075, E1075L, E1080, E1110, E1110C, E1113, E1117, E1117L

+ Samsung 3G old / New security with USB Cable (Qcom Mode)
+ Read Unfreez and Unlock Codes
New 3G S8300,S5600,S3370Old 3g Samsung (F480,Zv60,U700,L760 ...etc )
zte qq
ANDROID MTK World First !!!
MomoDesign MD Smart, ZTE Mimosa Mini (V856) , ZTE V857
Direct Unlock with USB Cable

ANDROID Qualcomm New Security 2012: World Fastest

SKATE, MONTECARLO, San FRANCISCO II, Z-990,T-Mobile Vivacity, Blade 2, StarAddict ,StarTrail, LIBRA, TMN A7,V875,Roamer and all Similar Models
ANDROID Broadcom New Security 2012: World First

ZTE X768 / Concord

- Direct Unlock in 2 sec, with Cable
-Reset bloqued Counters
No patch,No flash, No Format...

Check Video HERE !!

ZTE 857, ZTE 856, ZTE MomoDesign Smart
Direct Unlock, Read codes with USB Cable


Calculate Unlock Codes with Imei :

TMN 5000, ZTE SAGE, ZTE A261+, ZTE X760, ZTE X761, ZTE X960, ZTE X990, GX760, ZTE GX761, ZTE GR230, ZTE N281, T-Mobile Vairy Touch, ZTE Sydney, ZTE-G N295, ZTE SFR151, ZTE Z525, ZTE X632, SFR 151 - MOVISTAR MATCH
SFR 114, SFR 231, SFR 232, SFR 241, SFR 251, SFR 341, SFR 342, SFR 343, SFR Messenger Edition 251, Orange Vegas, Vodafone Indie, Vodafone 547, Vodafone 541,Vodafone 351,vodafone 550,vodafone 553, sfr115,sfr261,zte gr231,zte n261,zte n285,zte n290,zte r221,zte r225,zte s202,zte t202,orange lisbon,Tmn Softstone,Tmn 1210,Tmn MiniStone,Tmn ****** 23,Tmn ******, Optimus Lisbon,Tmn Easy 10,
Tmn Easy 50

ZTE Qcom-Android B04 : Calculat Unlock Code (Old and New NCK)
ZTE 551,SFR Starnaute, Startext,StarAddict,V9 Light,TMN Bluebelt, TMN Bluebelt II, TMN Silverbelt, TMN Soft Stone (android), ZTE Blade, ZTE Mercury, ZTE N61, ZTE Racer, ZTE Xiang, ZTE X850, ZTE X850, ZTE Link, ZTE 811, ZTE Raise, ZTE E810, SFR 552, T-Mobile Zest, Orange SanFrancisco, Vodafone 1230/1231, Telsra Smart Touch T3020,Vodafone 945
+ Read Unlock code, User code / Direct Unlock for next models :

Doro 345,Doro 409,Doro 610, Doro 410s,Amgoo Am85, Verykool i725, Micromax Q7, Movistar Onda, Orange Sydney, PCD CL381, PCD CL1135, PCD 138, PCD CL 252, Tmobile Energy, Tmobile Zest, ZTE S516, SFR 151 ,Coral 690, Coral 555, Movistar Urban, UT-Starcom GPF1134,ZTE R620, ZTE ROHS, ZTE N281,Verykool I600,
SFR 115, PCD GTX212CA, Mi Q200, Haier M508, Bmobile Q7,Avvio401,Avvio409,Umeox B103,Blu T200,Verykool I119,VeryKool I310,ZTE N295,Nexion 812, PCD CL1136,UTStarcom GTX2, UTStarcom 1136,UTStarcom GPFE128CA, ZTE R220 ... .and much much more !!!

+ Generic MTK option to read Unlock codes form 90% of phones with MTK CPU, Unlock code+ User code
+ Generic MTK option to read Unlock Codes from 90% of phones with MTK CPU running Android OS.