Added I9305 support
Yes! the fully tested and 100% working solution is here!
Added Model Search function
There are sooo many models supported by NsPro....
This function is necessary to find models easier on software list.

Added PIT file Reading/Writing
Have you ever needed a PIT file and cant find it anywhere?
Now NsPro offers you the possibility to read PIT file from ANY SAMSUNG ANDROID PHONE, and save it on your PC to use it later on other phones with damaged partition table.
The PIT files readed by NsPro, can be used with NsPro software, or with Odin downloader.

You are welcome to share the PIT files readed by NsPro with other users, on this forum.

Added EFS Backup/Restore function for Android phones
You can backup EFS from your phone "just-in-case",
Or you can use a backup from a working phone to repair "Unknown Baseband" on phones with damaged EFS partition.

NsPro EFS restore function work ONLY with NsPro EFS backup files.

Added support for ALL E1200 variants

Is highly recommended to use latest Nspro version

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