Stuff&Calc_v15 It's Coming released. More Alcatel, Coral, Pantech, ZTE

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What New:
Alcatel F117
Alcatel F153
Alcatel OT322
Alcatel OT358
Alcatel OT358G
Alcatel OT605

Coral 266

Huawei G7206 (Movistar/Peru) First in the World
Huawei Modem E1756

Pantech P9060 Pocket

TMN Easy 10

Vodafone Modem K3765

ZTE R235
ZTE S213
ZTE S511
zTE-G R235
ZTE-G S213
ZTE-G S511

- Alcatel F344, OT217, OT262, OT292, OT296, OT297, OT308, OT310, OT318, OT385, OT585, OT602, OT668, OT720, OT720D, OT810, OT813F, OT818, OT838 updated with last pid (more than 200 new pid)

- Alcatel via Country/Operator updated with new models and all new providerID

- BrandModel Finder, (Unique and Exclusive Standalone in the World with 83.700 records)
Last TACFAC of iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, chinnese models added (more than 500 new records)


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