Gsm Finder Dongle Ver 3.2.1

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**SGF Tool Gsm-Finder Details Update**

[+] 41 Android models Unlock Added (From 2.3.6 ver need to do rooting)


I777 I8160 I896 I897 I927 I987 I9000 I9003 I9008 I9010 I9020 I9023 I9070 I9088 I9100 I9100G I9100P I9103 I9108 I9188 I9300 N7000 P1000 P6200 P6201 P6800 P7100 P7300 P7320 P7500 P7500R P7501 SC01C SC02C T849 T859 T869 T959 T959U T969V SHW-M250S

**Download Tool Gsm-Finder Details Update**

[+]Added Samsung Fimrwares (HOME/Main_Software/Samsung)
[+]Added HTC flashfiles (HOME/Main_Software/HTC)
[+]Added Blackberry flashfiles (HOME//Main_Software/BlackBerry/SFI) Exclusive collections
[+]Added Blackberry flashfiles (HOME//Main_Software/BlackBerry/MFI) Exclusive collections
[+]Added Blackberry flashfiles (HOME//Main_Software/BlackBerry/APP) Exclusive collections
[+]Added Blackberry flashfiles (HOME//Main_Software/BlackBerry/CFG) Exclusive collections
[+]Added Blackberry flashfiles (HOME//Main_Software/BlackBerry/VSM) Exclusive collections
[+]Added iphone flashfiles (HOME//Main_Software/IPHONE)

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Easy Gui
Easy Credits management
Multiplatform tool
Semi Auto activation system
Free 10 credits
Free 2GB download
Standalone features
================================================== ========
Code tool:

Offline code calculator;
(Via imei )ZTE : 31 models supported
(Via imei )Huawei modem: 39 models supported
(Via imei & pid)Alcatel: 32 models

Online code calculator;
(Via imei & pid)Alcatel: 319models with PIDS
(Via imei & pid)Alcatel android:25 models
(Via imei & pid)Alcatel modems:15 models
(Via imei )Amoi:2 models
(Via hash )BIOS Series:16 series
(Via imei )Coral:6 models
(Via imei )Dell: 2 models
(Via imei )Doro:8 models
(Via imei )Huawei:74 models
(Via imei )Iphone Readinfo& lock status
(Via imei )Orange:13 models
(Via imei )Pantech:31 models
(Via imei )KPN: 2 models
(Via imei )LG Argentina 2011:28 models
(Via imei )Micromax modems:9 models
(Via imei )Motorola:22 models
(Via imei )Motorola Argentina 2011:21 models
(Via imei )Motorola 2007-2010 models
(Via imei )Samsung Argentina 2011:31 models
(Via imei )SFR: 33 models
(Via imei & pid)TCL:15 models
(Via imei )TMN: 10 models
(Via imei )T-mobile:5 models
(Via imei )Vodaphone:32 models
(Via imei )Various:14 models
(Via imei )Vk mobile:2 models
(Via imei )Zte :74 models

Code tool by cable
(Via cable )Huawei:23 models
================================================== ========
Finder tool:

(Database)IC compatibility: 13 types
(Database)Lcd compatibility : 830 types
(Database)Cables compatibility: 2038 types
(Database)Battery compatibility: 1196 types
(Database)ASIC compatibility: 112 types
(Database)Flex compatibility: 629 types
(Database)TACFAC brand & model: 26921
(Database)Help codes
(Database)Hard reset
================================================== ========
Berry toolfrownStandalone)

(USB)Manual & Auto detect Blackberry models.
(USB)Auto detect model, even if for dead phone.
(USB)Can use Manual or Auto Select Firmware
(Via imei & mep)Unlock by mep :263 mep supported
(Via imei & PRD)Unlock by prd :13580prd supported
(USB)Factory setting reset
(No cable)Engineering screen code calculator
(USB)Wipe file system ( one click job)
(USB)Read mep code by cable ( one click job)
(USB)Nuke (one click job)
(USB)Load Rapid Installer ( Exclusive)
(USB)Load Carrier Installer
(USB)Load files (MFI/SFI &APP) (Exclusive)
(USB)Auto fill (Exclusive)
(USB)Read info with more details (Exclusive)
(Database) PRD to MFI finder (9246)-(Exclusive)
(Database) PRD to SFI Finder (13048)-(Exclusive)
(Database) PRD to APP Finder(13045)-(Exclusive)
(Database) PRD to CFG Finder(11228)-(Exclusive)
(Database) PRD to VSM Finder (13033)-(Exclusive)
(Database)Model to MFI finder (Exclusive)
(USB)Read boot info (Exclusive )
(USB)LCD Reset
(USB)Enter Test mode (Exclusive)
(USB)Read full flash
(USB)Restart phone
(USB)Wipe APP( one click job)
(USB)Unlock mep0
(USB)Read Flash file info (SFI/MFI/APP)-(exclusive)
(USB)Clear Mep

================================================== ========
Nk tool: (Standalone)
(Fbus)Sl1,Sl2,Sl3 SX4 Authorization
(Fbus)Sl1,SL2,SL3 SD Repair
(Fbus)SL1,Sl2 Simlock RPL
(Fbus)SL1,Sl2 Generate Nck code
(No cable)SL3 NCK Calculator(AfterBF)
(Fbus&USB)Read PM(from-to address)
(Fbus&USB)Write PM(from-to address)
(Fbus&USB)Read full PM
(Fbus&USB)Read PM 120
(Fbus&USB)Read PM 308
(Fbus)Read Ask
(Fbus&USB)Write rpl
(Fbus&USB)Counter reset (rapido)
(Fbus&USB)Send NCK F-bus
(Fbus&USB)Reset security code
(Fbus&USB)Read security code
(Fbus&USB)Set full factory defaults
(Fbus&USB)Reset Life timer
(USB)Rap3Gv3 USB Flashing
(Fbus)Rap3Gv2 Fbus flashing
(Fbus) Read unique id Rap3Gv2
(Fbus) Read unique id Rap3Gv3
(Fbus) Read unique id Rapido
(Fbus) Read unique id Rap3Gv4
(Fbus&USB) Read unique id Rapuyama v11
(USB) Read unique id Xgold213
(USB)Read BCM Unique ID
(Fbus) Sx4 Rapuyama V11
(Fbus) Sx4 Rap3gV4
(Fbus) Sd repair Rapuyama V11
(Fbus) Sd repair Rap3gV4

(Fbus)Read PM(from-to address)
(Fbus)write PM(from-to address)
(Fbus)Read full PM
(Fbus)Read PM 120
(Fbus)Read PM 308
(Fbus)Reset security code
(Via imei)Generate mastercode DCT4
(Via imei)Calculate Unlock code
(Fbus)Write SL rpl DCT4++
(Fbus)Unlock RSA DCT4++
(Via imei)DCT4 IMEI RPL

BB5 & DCT4;
(Fbus)Manual & Auto detect models.
(Fbus)Auto detect model, even if for dead phone.

================================================== ========
Cdma toolfrownStandalone)


ZTE:1 model

Samsung:14 models

================================================== ========
Sgf tool:

(USB/Uart)Disable pattern lock(Android)
(USB/Uart)Factory Reset (Android/Bada/Qualcomm)
(USB/Uart)Enter Download Mode(Android/Bada/Qualcomm)
(Uart)MSL direct unlock ( Omap/ Qualcomm)
(USB) Remove google account(Android)
(USB/Uart)Read pattern lock ( Android)
(USB/Uart)Infeneon factory reset
(USB)direct unlock (Android)
================================================== ========
Download tool:

Use CRC technology- no files will be corrupted if struck in downloading(exclusive )
High speed server - server comes 200Mb port speed with 5TB capacity
Path pasting -Can cut and paste the path for search files (exclusive )
Self login system- no need login any web or no need put any login if connect ur dongle
Que and Resume -Can make upto 1000 files on que if stop next day can resume file from the balance(exclusive )
File Locate- locate the files in que and save to mutiple directories(exclusive )
Desitination Path- can choose the desitination of the ********
File Request- any files customer request with 64 hours can get inside 99%(exclusive )
Gsmfinder Setup free download folder- every customer any new update no need download setup with mirror links and all any new gsmfinder setup will be inside downloader(exclusive )
2GB Free -every user will have 2gb dowload free + one free setup download folder,gsmfinder setup will not count in 2gb
Easy View of MB - any user gb or mb balance can display on top of sotware(exclusive )
Easy Recharge system - 1.credits can switched to MB instantly, just need to press + button , 2. You can add MB by prepaid cards known as e-downloadings card(exclusive )
Generic file database Collections - Gsmfinder download tools will be coming all kind of firmwares , boxes softwares , free softwares , applications , games , service manuals (exclusive )
2000GB- files collections

================================================== ========
Support tool :

Login for Credits
Distributer and Resseller list
Credits & activations
================================================== ========
Supported interface :

Supported OS:

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