Arraignment Hiroshima prison for your 1st time Chinese nationals escapeesPeople today, Tokyo, March 16: Tokyo, Japan Broadcasting Corporation site reported from Hiroshima prison escape in January this Jordan shoes year of Chinese nationality male offenders Lilin Guos 1st trial has commenced. The Lilin Guo in the court expressed no objection to the prosecution, and stated "Yes" in Japanese. , Lilin Guo was accused of crossing the external walls of the Hiroshima Ray Ban Prison about the morning of January eleven this year to escape, and then entered the citys residential and workplace buildings in Hiroshima and stealing clothes. , The Hiroshima District Court court trial in front with the export, import, as well as public gallery are set to transparent partition, LV handbags and commonly on the basis of an increase of 5 guards. Lilin Guo mentioned "Yes" in Japanese, that there isn't any objection on Lv bags the contents of staying sued. The prosecution from the Jordan first air jordan statement stated, As outlined by the defendant the Li Linguo the confession, he was imprisoned throughout the Hiroshima prison with no the Long term translation and also other disgruntled letter and from the relatives that happen to be in Chinas father, lonely wifes parents are also confined to bed in bed, for to phone residence to ask the peaceful purposes only escape escape.