Volcano Box new update Ver 1.1.2

what's New?

World's 1st
From now you can take NV backup from ALMOST ALL MTK Phones During Format This Feature will make Life easy

How to do it Just check it out


1st from all other Chinese mobiles boxes
PrtScn Button introduced. Just click PRTSCN Button Screen shot of Volcano Box Software will auto save

when ever you repair any phone just click on it. it will AUTO save your Volcano Box Software's screen shot so in the end of day you can post here all at once or if you have any error just click on this button so you can report us. This Function will make Life easy

How to do it just check it out


World's 1st
Highest Speed of READ FLASH SPD 6800H1 & 6800H2 & 6800H
66M total time 6min & 132M time 12min

Sorry have not Video for it for now biggrin

6800H1 & 6800H2 Some New Flash ID Added

Volcano Box new Drivers Added
this will solve Many Problems of MTK PHONES such as System Restart on mtk tab. Mtk phones detecting slow etc

Volcano Box Detecting MTK Phone with GPGIndustries RX TX cable


Lets see when other can copy Us wink