13.01.2012 MTB Credits Generator - changing the rules for payment !!!

We accept payments ONLY from verified PayPal accounts.
If Your account is unverified please verify it and back, otherwise we will refund You money. Keep in mind that refunds can take few days.

How to buy GT server account for 1 minute 24/7/365 using MTB CG Ver 1.5 :

1. Click Buy Credits Page button and you see on your web browser official online shop for GT Server Credits.
2. Enter your MTBox serial number to special place in web .
3. Select the appropriate number of credits 10,20,40,50,80,100,120,150 or 200 and make payment online by PayPal
4. Connect the same MTBox how serial number you have entered to payment form before payment
5. Enter the data obtained by making a payment . ( Paypal e-mail adres and Transaction ID )
NOTE : Typing e-mail address must be the same as e-mail address with PayPal
6. Click Get Account / Add credits to box button . SL3 credits added to box serial number automaticly

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