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From 25/12/2011 TO 1/1/2012

Codetool = 0 credits
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What We have till now ?
========================================================= Code tool: Offline code calculator; ZTE : 29 models supported Huawei modem: 39 models supported Alcatel: 32 models Online code calculator; Alcatel: 295 models with 31000+PIDS ========================================================= Finder tool: IC compatibility: 13 types Lcd compatibility : 830 types cables compatibility: 2038 types Battery compatibility: 1196 types ASIC compatibility: 112 types Flex compatibility: 629 types TACFAC brand & model: 26921 Help codes ============================================================ Berry tool: unlock by mep :254 mep supported unlock by prd :8475 prd supported Readinfo (PC/DONGLE-no credits) Factory setting reset Engineering screen code calculator ============================================================ Nk tool: Read BCM Unique ID DCT4 IMEI RPL Sl1,SL2 SD Repair SL1,Sl2 Simlock RPL SL1,Sl2 NCK CALC SL3 NCK Calculator Unlock RSA DCT4++ Code calcuation DCT4 Write SL rpl DCT4++ Reset counter BB5(rapido) Read Ask write rpl Read/write PM DCT4+/BB5/DCT4 Reset security code BB5/DCT4+ Read security code BB5 factory reset BB5 Generate mastercode DCT4 Scan & chk DCT4/DCT4+/BB5/ Reset counter BB5(rapido) ============================================================ Cdma tool: LG:13models createunlock file V9cTab Unlock ============================================================

Supported interface : UFS(beta) ,JAF ,USB AND PROLIFIC CABLE


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