Gsmfinder V2.2.2 (PC Version released)
with free 5 credits

( free credits promotion period to 15/12/11)


Help note for new user;

Gsmfinder 2.2.2 After Run the setup first run the gsmfinder activator , then user can run finderpc.exe

Gsmfinder 2.2.2 is a pc version so user dont need dongle

Gsmfinder 2.2.2 is based one hardware id of the pc ,so each pc only 1 device can be activated

Gsmfinder 2.2.2 there is some free standalone features that no need any credits ,and there is some features that need credits by per usage or user can make it activated (unlimited sevice by activation)

Gsmfinder 2.2.12 Credits have 2 types

A=activation ( unlimited usage for service)
CPU= credits per unit (based on per usage of service)

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Whats new in Gsmfinder V2.2.2 PC version?

Nk tool ;

Added DCT4 imei rpl
(PC- CPU 1credits/DONGLE-no credits)
(PC- A 10credits/DONGLE-A no credits)
(Models supported :Asic 2,5,6,7&11)

What we have till now ?
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Code tool:

Offline code calculator;

ZTE : 29 models supported -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Huawei modem: 39 models supported -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Alcatel: 32 models -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Online code calculator;

Alcatel: 295 models with 31000+PIDS-NEW(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
Finder tool:

IC compatibility: 13 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Lcd compatibility : 830 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
cables compatibility: 2038 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Battery compatibility: 1196 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
ASIC compatibility: 112 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Flex compatibility: 629 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
TACFAC brand & model: 26921 -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Help codes -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Berry tool:

unlock by mep :254 mep supported -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-nocredits)

unlock by prd :
8475 prd supported -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
Readinfo (PC/DONGLE-no credits) -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Factory setting reset -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Engineering screen code calculator-(PC/DONGLE-no credits)


Nk tool:

DCT4 IMEI RPL -NEW(PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)

Sl1,SL2 SD Repair -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
SL1,Sl2 Simlock RPL -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
SL1,Sl2 NCK CALC -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
SL3 NCK Calculator -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Unlock RSA DCT4++ - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
Code calcuation DCT4 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Write SL rpl DCT4++ - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Reset counter BB5(rapido) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Read Ask - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
write rpl - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Read/write PM DCT4+/BB5/DCT4 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Reset security code BB5/DCT4+ - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Read security code BB5 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
factory reset BB5 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Generate mastercode DCT4 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Scan & chk DCT4/DCT4+/BB5/ - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Reset counter BB5(rapido) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Cdma tool:

LG:13models supported createunlock file - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

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Support tool :

login for flashfiles , support area, distributer and resseller list

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Credits& activations :

This is tab where user can see the status of activations and help


We are looking for more test results from all the users

Supported interface : UFS(beta) ,JAF ,USB AND PROLIFIC CABLE


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