SLAP 4.3 beta released:

- added support SSL protocol for emails
- added test option for email settings
- fixed some small bugs

Fenix Team has just released the best SL3 solution on the market.

- Split calculation for up to 10 computers.
- 16 GPU's supported.
- slap stops calculation and move to the next position in queue when other computer has finished calculation - you do not need to configure anything, computers do not need to be in same network - Internet connection required.
- slap sends mail to you and your clients when NCK is ready to use.
- slap is more stable and faster now.
- User friendly interface.


1. slap 4.3 requires OclHashCatLite. You can download it from: oclHashcat-lite - advanced password recovery

Run slap 4.3 and go to Settings tab, click on text box next to "OclHashCat exe.path" and select oclhashcat-lite.exe ******** (32 or 64 bits). ATI cards are supported. Full user manual will be available within several days.

2. You must update fenix Card in order to use new version.

SLAP 4.3 download link: