Hi to all,
This is the last update for PolarBox2 resellers and distributors :

If you desire make money selling and activating licenses and credits for polar users, ask for pricings
Now, you can test our tool accessing with this "dummy" user and passwd (feel free to check it)


Username : test123
Password : test123

Direct Link : http://www.polarbox2.net/downloads/ResellerTool.zip

Reseller Tool v1.2.5

- Changed all visual GUI (graphical user interface)
- Added "Check User" function, now resellers can verify info of one polarbox (activations and credits)
- Added "More credits" button for buy our services easily and fast
- Improved some functions and fixed minor bugs inside tool
- Added "dummy" user for all can check and test our Reseller Tool

MAIN DISCUSSION : New Reseller Tool v1.2.5 READY [05-11-2011]

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ Polar Team ]
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