Polar box 2 : Update 2.73

Polar box 2 : Update 2.73

This is the last update for PolarBox2 customers :


PolarSuite Update v2.7.3
PandaSuite Update v1.4.2
PolarSAT Update v1.3.4



[+] Added more HOT new MEPs for users !!
[+] For sure, all meps supported actually (best and easy BB code reader)
[+] Process as usual, needs internet connection
[+] All MEPs supported (249 mep files)

Added codes calculation via PRD´s (Imei + PRD)

[+] Now you can unlock your Blackberrys more easy, using IMEI + PRD
[+] Added full complete database of PRDs (more than 5000 in our server)
[+] Process for testing, please report any issue with this service ...


* SFR 1150

[+] Read Codes functions added for this models (no more FLASHING for unlock)
[+] Full extended READ CODES (5 levels added)
[+] Write function (Firmware, Language and Eeprom backup)
[+] Change language (via Flashing)
[+] Repair function (via Flashing)
[+] Reset Usercode (via Flashing or Format FFS)
[+] Working with baudrate up to 921.600bds
[+] Prepairing now Flashfiles for add to support

OTHER PHONES (via imei calculation)

* Orange Dallas
* Orange Rio 3G
* Orange Rio II
* SFR 522
* Telstra T3020
* Vodafone 945
* ZTE GR250
* ZTE GS203
* ZTE GS213
* ZTE T220
* ZTE Raise

[+] Unlock via IMEI CALCULATION (not needs cable)
[+] All firmware versions supported

Other improvements and corrections :

[+] Fixed some problems in connection with Samsungs Zxxx/ZVxx Series (old models)
[+] Disabled ****lbox detection in PolarSAT (make conflict with P3Card)
[+] Added and completed some providers for 203, 306, 565, M390 alcatel phones (MTK based)
[+] Fixed problem with provider in Alcatel F121 model
[+] Some other minor bugs fixed internally

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ Polar Team ]
[ Http://www.polarbox2.net ]

DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www.polarbox2.net/downloads/P...pdate_v273.zip

PS : Still only 6 days before ****lBox (without P3-Card) will stop access to server, so not loose your time