KKDongle Nokia SL3 Ver 3.07 Released !

  • Added: SL3 oclHashcat as external bruteforcer(user request - please read oclHashcat licese first!)
  • Added: SL3 email confirmation *.cod attachment (users request)
  • Added: SL3 queue counter window
  • Added: SSL email connection (required SSL libraries)
  • Fixed: SL3 computer shut down
  • Removed: email login editbox(will be taken from e-mail address)

KKMC Ver 3.07 Direct Link

KKMC Ver 3.07 RapiShare Link
KKMC Ver 3.07 HotFile Link

oclHashcat by atom (external software)

Before you use "oclHashcat" software please read and accept License Agreement which is included in software package

1) please download first oclHashcat-lite from: oclHashcat - advanced password recovery
2) unpack software somwhere where windows will not block access rights
3) set path in "SL3 settings" to oclHashcat-lite software (32bit or 64bit)
4) read license first and accept it or not

SL3seting hwnxpnq

ocl hwqpapa

For commercial usage ask author(atom)!!!

oclHashcat uses different SL3 attack method. Try byself which is better for you smile

We are not responsible for the inappropriate use of this software !!!

Best Regards GSMinfo