What is Polar Fis+ ??

Polar Fis+ is a hardware (Box + 1 cable) for connect it to vehicles of VAG Group, and read some parameters of the engine in the navigation screen of your car (FIS screen)

This product allows you to read some interesting parameters from your vehicle that usually not appears.
Installation of this device is very easy and you not need to solder or make complex operations, you can find full detailed info about it in our forums [ AutoPolar Forum ], or in the download area of this website.

For what kind of vehicles is compatible Polar Fis+ ??

For sure, more models are supported (from VAG group), but we put here only tested
If you have any other vehicle and you tested working, please contact with us for update list

- Volkswagen Golf V (1K)
- Volkswagen Jetta (1K)
- Volkswagen Caddy (2K)
- Volkswagen Tiguan (5N)
- Volkswagen Touran (1T)
- Volkswagen EOS (1F)
- Volkswagen Passat (3C)
- Volkswagen Scirocco (1K)
- Skoda Octavia (1Z)
- Seat Leon (under testings)
- Seat Altea (under testings)

What parameters and functions adds Polar Fis+ to my car ??

MAIN FEATURES (show you this parameters in real time in your display FIS)

- Oil temperature (ºC/ºF)
- Cooling temperature (ºC/ºF)
- External temperature (ºC/ºF)
- Admision temperature (ºC/ºF)
- Remaining fuel (Litters/Gallon)
- Engine RPMs
- Real Speed
- Turbo pressure (all models)
- Battery voltage (V)
- Totally upgradeable via internet (free firmware updates)
- New aluminium case (new hardware design)
- Now you can see 2 parameters in first line of display (not 1 like older POLAR FIS product)
- Support for more than 1300 Motor ECUs

ADITIONAL ADVANTAGES (against other products in market)

- Compatible with free-hands OEM and FISCON, not like other products, POLAR FIS+ not use "Telephone" menu of your navigation screen (FIS), it uses a new menu called Polar FIS (even you can rename later)
- Name of this new menu is totally customizable, means you can add name that you desire (till 10 characters)
- Keys of steering wheel/windshield wiper lever totally customizable
- Interesting for cars with steering wheel not installed from factory and with this keys not working
- Option of switch-off POLAR FIS+ for make indetectable when you make official revisions. FIS will be reactivated using OK key in the steering wheel, or using windshield wipers lever for 10 seconds.
- Automatic detection of language selected in the FIS (Germany, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Czech) and automatic detection of temperature units (ºC, ºF), Speed (kmh/mph) and Measure (Litters/Gallons) selected in the FIS.

- Possible to configure keys for do this features inside POLAR FIS+ menu :
* Volumen modify.
* Change audio track.
* Change parameters showed in the bottom line of the POLAR FIS+ screen.

- Posible to configure the keys in the audio menu for do this too:
* Volumen modify.
* Change audio track.

IMPORTANT : In cars without steering wheel multifunction implemented, option for change audio track will not be available.

Im really interested in this product, can I see Polar Fis+ working ??

Presentation video (official) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6VnL...layer_embedded

Sure, here you have some videos of POLAR FIS+ working : Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4 Video5

I need to know something more about this product ??

Yes, read this last important info about it :

Polar FIS+ is not compatible with the new instrument panels called "white" that shows permanently external temperature in the FIS, by the way, we are working for support this new models, and soon you will have news about it.

Online shop : Polar Fis+

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